Which type of Blouse you should wear?

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While t-shirts, polo shirts and other classic blouses certainly have an important and regular place in a woman’s wardrobe, blouses or dress shirts are also essential for those more special occasions where one wants to show off with a very elegant look. Hola Amor tells you all about the need for a blouse dress: What is the difference between a classic blouse and a dress blouse? Is it for you? Why should you own one? How to wear it? Follow the guide !


The difference between a classic blouse and a dress blouse will be in all the tailoring details. These blouses don’t have to be flashy or shiny; those can be simple, but are different from everyday blouse. The simple blouse has a more relaxed look thanks to details such as cut, yokes, fabric, patterns, choice of fabric or any other detail. A blouse in a cotton blend is the perfect partner for a business outfit or for a casual outfit, with jeans and a good sweater. Take the same blouse designed in a silk fabric with pearly buttons and you have something more dressy.


There are a myriad of types of blouses available. In order to determine which one is right for you, consider several factors:

  • The occasion (can determine the clothing and attractiveness you want to express through the choice of the blouse)
  • Your body type (to choose the most suitable fit)
  • Your personal style (to make sure that wearing the blouse really matches your style and that it won’t end up in the back of your closet if it doesn’t)


The features of dress blouses for women include everything that makes them stand out and more conventional. Certain details can help transform a simple blouse into a dressy piece. Ruffles, rhinestones, pearly buttons, embellished necklines, ruffles with so many characteristics that make the difference. Ruffles, button placket, cuffs, pockets or fabric overlays are tailoring techniques that ennoble blouses.

The fabric choices are also important: they are generally lighter and more airy. The classic fabrics for blouses are silk, chiffon, and cotton, satin. The colorful fabrics, the original patterns, the finishes allow you to stand out and adopt a different look from what you usually wear.

The key to success for most women is to create the appearance of a balanced appearance. Wrap-style blouses are, for example, very popular. They flatter virtually any body shape. They also make the size smaller and give a proportioned look. It is this balance that you must create in your outfit, depending on your body type.

In the end, whatever blouse you wear it must be according to your personality and style and ongoing trends. For more details, please visit: holaamor.org


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