Hot items with college and university logos

Hot items with college and university logos

Thanks to the college and university logo items offered by many wholesalers, school pride has never looked so good. Wholesalers are happy to work with colleges and universities across the country, but often have a preference for local institutions.

Your college or university logo is probably already fantastic and expertly crafted, but that doesn’t mean it will show up well on all the items you want to sell in stores on campus and elsewhere. That’s where a quality wholesale supplier comes in. Logos are a specialty that you shouldn’t trust to just anyone.

Choose from a wide selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, ponchos, and other apparel. Are aluminum water bottles or flags missing from your inventory? Was it difficult to get your logo to look right on lip balm labels or lighters? Students, faculty, staff, professors and graduates covet a plethora of items, and it’s up to you to provide them with what they want. However, that can seem impossible if you don’t have a personalized logo expert on your side. Not only do you need a unique logo designer, but you also need a wholesale provider who has quality products that are in demand. Men Wholesale Plain Hoodies

The difference lies in expertise

It may seem like anyone can provide a blank canvas for your logo, but only an expert in logo design and higher education preferences can really deliver. As an educational institution, you are marketing yourself to a niche set of audiences. What the average college freshman wants for dorm room décor is vastly different from what Great Aunt Betty wants to give a graduate. Staff, faculty, professors and alumni of different age groups also have different preferences. Fortunately, most universities and colleges now offer an impressive online store, so everything doesn’t always have to be in stock. However, these e-tail stores still need the support and resources that only a top-notch logo specialist and wholesaler can provide.

While many universities have a number of stores on campus and online, the centerpiece remains the bookstore. Students and staff alike flock there at the beginning of each semester (and at the end to resell books), so logoed ancillary items are relatively easy to sell. Students have plenty of money in their accounts for scholarships, bursaries, student loans and savings. Everyone is feeling the school spirit, and if your customers are already spending a pretty chunk of money on textbooks, they deserve a little something. This college-inspired hoodie could be just the accessory they’re missing.

School pride in a nutshell

According to the National Association of College Stores (NACS), there are approximately 4,750 college stores in the United States. The vast majority are owned and/or operated by the college or university. The average annual sales of U.S. college stores was $2 million in the 2013/14 academic year, and if you offer more and higher-quality products, you can increase that number even more. Plus, customers who proudly display their items are walking advertisements for educational institutions, and word of mouth remains one of the most valued referrals. Wholesale Clothing Supplier in UK



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