The choice of accommodation and host for your future blog is an essential and above all very important step. The market being very competitive, it can therefore sometimes be complex to choose among the various players in the sector, to know which offer will be best calibrated for your project or which technical options will be the most appropriate. It is for this reason that today, I am sharing my experience with a relatively well-known French host, with whom I have all my blogs for years. This website host is OVH, which has been called for some time, OVH Cloud.

The selection criteria for hosting your blog or site

No need to specify that the criteria that come into play in the choice of your future website or blog host can be numerous. But among these, some are more important than others and can rightly help you decide who will be your future web host. Or at least, allow you to make a selection of two or three hosts whose offers best meet your needs. And that’s exactly where I’m coming from. The choice of the most suitable accommodation will depend initially on your needs. It will therefore be appropriate to define them.

Define your needs to choose your host

The needs you have for your future blog; you know them best. What you aim for in terms of traffic, what you are going to put online, what you want to do (Frequent sending of newsletters and therefore need an efficient email address management system … Potential space needed for some media files like PDF, high definition photos…). All these criteria, depending on the nature of your project, must be listed to check what each host offers about your needs. These criteria are often technical, but can also be simply budgetary. Web Hosting in Lahore.

So don’t hesitate to write down everything you absolutely need, in order of importance, so that you can, during your visits to each host, determine which one would be the best. It should be noted that hosting a website is not something to be taken lightly, many people learn it too late sometimes.

Technical specifications

Among the technical needs, some are essential. Let’s start with the main ones which are often precisely those put forward by the hosts.

Allocated space available

In the beginning, it is always a criterion that one thinks of little use or which is not necessarily the most important. However, the space allocated by your future site host should not be neglected. If, for example, you are planning to launch a site or blog with large media files, then this criterion should be at the top of your list of needs.

For my part, I always knew that some of my blogs would contain a lot of digital photos, even if the size of these photos would be reduced before they were uploaded, I knew there would be many. So knowing that I would need a lot of free space for these files was crucial.

The domain name (s)


Hosting can be chosen without it also hosting your domain name, yet having both from the same provider remains a significant convenience. Some hosts do not offer to provide you with your domain name at all. This criterion will therefore be taken into account very early on if you wish to bring together (or not)

For my part, for more than 10 years now, I have chosen to have all my domain names, where my blogs are hosted. Why? Quite simply because during installation, everything is often configured from the start, which saves time in a project. But also not to need to connect to two different places to make any technical changes or even invoicing. OVH happens to offer this, so I chose to take advantage of it. And for more than 10 years now, no regrets from this point of view.

Email addresses

This criterion is often crucial for many, even if it is not always present on a list of needs before the launch of a project. Have one or more email addresses, with powerful features allowing for example to easily manage newsletters to lists of several thousand email addresses … This is what many need to promote their blog, their services, their shop, their work… So yes, if this is the case, staying attentive to this criterion when choosing your future blog or site hosting will be important.

CMS allowed

We often know very early on which CMS will be used for our web project. And currently, it is WordPress, even other very good solutions exist in parallel (Joomla, PrestaShop…). It turns out that WordPress would run roughly two-thirds of the websites currently online in the world. This is not to mention intranets and other projects open to limited populations, in particular in business. But checking that a CMS such as WordPress can easily run with a host is not an option. Some offers for personal projects allow for example to run the WordPress CMS, but not some very useful extensions. The experience lived elsewhere for certain projects on which I worked.
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