Tuck the top into the bottom and blouse

It’s really the little detail that changes everything! Tucking your top into the bottom is quite an art … But it’s not complicated!

First, to appear less strict, when you tuck your top into your pants, consider loosening it up slightly by gently pulling on it. You create a bit of ease and your outfit looks more relaxed.

Then you can try the “front tuck” or the “side tuck”. I don’t know if there are such concise translations in French. But basically it consists of tucking just one end of your blouse or shirt in the front or on the side.

This gives a relaxed air (the shirt not really tucked into the pants), but at the same time you structure your silhouette by creating a break at the waist. And this is also the opportunity to reveal a piece of belt.

Tie your scarf

If you’re a scarf fan, this is the perfect opportunity to add flair to your outfit!

Rather than just wrapping your scarf around your neck, experiment with new ways to tie it.

With a very thin scarf, you can change the proportions by folding it in half: you go from a long scarf to a square, and vice versa. Again, don’t limit yourself to what you see, try to see differently.

Dare to accumulate jewelry

I often talk to you about accessories and in particular jewelry which are essential (in my opinion) to finish an outfit.

Here again you can let your creativity speak. When I tell you to dare to accumulate jewels, there is no question of looking like a Christmas tree, we agree. The idea is rather to dare to wear, for example, two necklaces, or several bracelets…

When you buy your jewelry, you find it individually. But that doesn’t mean they can’t bring one another! You can also match your jewelry with your womens clothing online.

Take care of the beauty

There’s no need to take out the heavy artillery on the makeup side. I had already covered in this article: clean hair and a fresh complexion are both essential.

To avoid a smeared complexion, no need to go out of the way … A BB cream to match your skin color, a touch of concealer, and that’s it!

You can complete with a touch of lipstick, mascara or pencil on the eyes. But only if this type of makeup lasts a full day on you.

If you tend to eat lipstick, or if you have eyes that weep easily (and therefore runny pencil or mascara…), you’re doing more harm than good to your overall appearance! Concentrate on the complexion; you will gain by the change, really!

And so many others!

I’m sure you have your little tricks to personalize your outfit too. Tell us about your opinions that how you play with your clothes to have that extra touch of style!


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