Wear the women’s blouse well

The blouse is an essential part of the feminine wardrobe and that can be found every year in new collections of women’s clothing based on the latest fashion trends. Originally worn by men and called shirts, women’s blouses were quickly adopted by women in many different looks. We will find out how to wear the blouse correctly depending on the style or look you are looking for.

For a chic and professional look

Need to wear an elegant outfit for a particular event? For a business or professional meeting? The woman’s tailor will then be required! The suit is very well worn with a blouse; it is rare not to see women’s blouses under a suit jacket. Indeed, thanks to its collar, the women’s shirt blouses New York will give you a professional and chic look in all circumstances. Moreover, if you choose it plain, white or black, it will also bring a touch of seriousness to your outfit.

The blouse can therefore be worn for a sober and elegant look. It will also look great over a tailored skirt, straight skirt or wrap skirt, which will add a touch of femininity to this look. Do not hesitate to opt for worked pieces, all in discretion, a little addition of lace will mark your femininity and bring an additional touch of elegance.

The blouse for a relaxed everyday look

Do you want to vary your outfits a little and especially to break the myth of the simple and classic white blouse? It will also do very well every day of the week! Whether it is for going out with your friends, going to work or just being at home, it is possible to wear the women’s blouse in a much more relaxed look. Thanks to the different models, cuts and prints.

The blouse is also a part of your dressing room that will bring color and originality to an outfit that is simple and comfortable, whether in summer or in winter.

The patterned, or plain or lace blouse will go very well with simple jeans and a pair of ballerina shoes. Don’t hesitate to also put on this top and pair it with a long or mid-length skirt in mid-season with a pair of ankle boots and a pair of tights.

A blouse for a bohemian and fresh style

Thanks to the different materials and cuts that can be found, the blouse can bring a touch of freshness to your outfit of the day, especially in summer or in mid-season. You can leave it open on a tank top in mid-season, for a guaranteed bohemian effect, by choosing the colors and patterns well.

Short-sleeved blouses or slightly longer sleeveless tunics are also pieces that will go very well in mid-season and will give you a soft and luminous look.

Why not try to take this look even further by putting on a long skirt or a long dress, with a shirt as a cardigan to protect you from the light wind in the shade, with a pair of sandals and a summer hat for you to protect from direct sunlight. A summery and bohemian look assured and assumed, ideal for the holidays!

The woman’s blouse can therefore be worn in different ways according to your desires, your style or even the season. It will be up to you to select the right model so that you can have a unique style!


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