How to wear jogging pants

Whoever wears jogging pants has lost control of his life, said Karl Lagerfeld and he was dead wrong! The joggers have left the sofas as well as the gyms and in the meantime have entered the world of absolute trendy pieces. It’s wonderfully laid back, great for feeling good and by no means a simple sofa look. It conceals suspected problem areas and makes you look super dynamic, even if you don’t feel like playing sports.

The perfect pants if you’re having a bad day and still want to look interesting. But the joggers also have a chic and festive look. Well matched, you can wear the joggers for any occasion whether you are at office, over coffee with a friend, or in the evening for dinner. It is important to choose modern cuts and high quality materials. The bulging and shapely women pants online UAE that you love to wear on the sofa to relax should stay at home.

What is a jog pant?

Joggers are relaxed fit pants suitable for sportswear fashion. The cut is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom that is, tightened on the legs. Ideally, the women’s joggers have a cuff on the legs at the ankle. It thus flatters the hips and thighs, however emphasizes the narrowest part of the leg and optically stretches it thanks to the cropped cut. These pants have nothing to do with the sweatpants, which you like to wear to relax. The fabric should be of high quality, perhaps with a subtle sheen or an understated pattern.

3 outfit ideas with joggers

At the office with a jogger? Of course ! These sporty pants tolerate contrasts and therefore go wonderfully with classic blouses. With a white blouse you are always making the right choice. You must put it in the pants so that the silhouette is not too wide and the waist is emphasized. With the joggers and the blouse you can wear simple and neat pumps or sneakers. For an even more professional look, you can also wear a short, fitted blazer over your blouse. When it comes to colors, you shouldn’t be too adventurous. In the office, wear muted colors instead, because jogging pants are eye-catching.

Wear joggers for leisure. Whether for coffee with a friend or spending the afternoon with the kids – these relaxed pants are for you. The sweatpants can look very sporty in this case, with a drawstring and soft fabric. You can also combine it with a cuddly sweater – here too you can put it in the front of the pants – or with a relaxed long-sleeved T-shirt and vest. Put on your sneakers and go!

Wearing joggers at night – that’s also possible. Trousers with a slightly shiny appearance are particularly elegant, perhaps even in satin or similar fabric. Details such as piping or stripes on the side seams also enhance the look. Whichever joggers you choose, the top should look very chic. A beautiful top in fluid viscose, a silk blouse or a classic shirt for example. High heels lengthen the figure and add class to the outfit. Discreet jewelry and a small handbag complete the evening look with joggers.

Tip: The right fit for the joggers

The waistband of the pants should fall above the hips, but not directly at the waist. The cut is relaxed; the hips and thighs have a lot of freedom of movement. It tightens at the ankles. Ideally, your sweatpants have a proportion of stretch and are therefore even more comfortable.

Checklist: Match the joggers

For work and an evening look, you have to: create the contrast! Pair chic tops with relaxed pants.

Pay attention to the quality: the fabric of the joggers must be of high quality and the pants must always be well groomed.

The fit should be relaxed at the hips and thighs, but not too wide and rounded.

The right shoes: Well-groomed sports shoes will always be perfect. High heels or chic leather shoes are suitable for more formal occasions.

For starters, it is best to choose a low-key look with subdued colors and complement it with accessories.

Now you can start and match your joggers. We wish you lots of fun in your fittings!


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