Top 3 Lies In The Hair Transplant Industry

Hair Transplant Center in Pakistan

Top 3 Lies In The Hair Transplant Industry

A long time ago, the hair transplant industry was like the wild wild west. There were no standards, nor standards, and this caused thousands of patients to be disfigured permanently by unscrupulous hair transplant surgeons. At the turn of the century, hair loss forums began to gain popularity and popularity. This led to a revolution in the hair transplant center in Pakistan. Now, patients from all over the world can share their stories and communicate with each other to prevent other innocent and naive patients from suffering the same fate.

Hair Transplant Center in Pakistan
Hair Transplant Center in Pakistan

However, the “dark side” of the industry still exists, even if it is smaller than it was years ago. In this article, we will review the three main lies of some in the hair transplant industry.

Guaranteed Growth

This is the biggest lie that has been said today, in fact, many patients are deceived into believing that their hair transplant procedure will be a guaranteed success. Truth be told, although choosing a hair transplant clinic with a long history of excellent results can put the odds in favor; success can never be guaranteed There are too many variables to consider, for any surgeon to guarantee the success of a hair transplant procedure.
In fact, even if a hair transplant is considered successful by modern standards, a patient may still be dissatisfied for several reasons. On the one hand, patients should be fully informed about the limitations associated with hair transplant surgery. Second, a patient’s hair loss must be stabilized before performing any procedure. If these two problems are not treated beforehand, even the best hair transplant will be considered a failure.

A Hair Transplant is Forever 

I do not know what I’m talking about? Let me explain. Yes, technically the hair that is transplanted in theory should last a lifetime. However, the rest of the native hair not transplanted will not last forever. In addition, part of the hair that is transplanted may be susceptible to the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), if the grafts are removed from an unsafe area. Having said that, these problems often occur with unethical hair transplant clinics.
When done correctly, a hair transplant should last forever, but that does not mean that the patient’s appearance will always be the same. As we get older, all the hair on our body begins to lose density, this is called involutional alopecia. Furthermore, due to the progressive nature of genetic hair loss, a hair transplant patient will always need more than one hair transplant to maintain their appearance at some point in their lives.

A Hair Transplant Is The Answer to All Your Problems

We’ve all seen commercials that show a guy with an incredibly thick head coming out of a pool greeted by beautiful women. These images captivate our attention and make us feel that a hair transplant is the answer to all our follicular concerns. However, that simply is not true. Hair transplants do not prevent, delay or stop the progression of hereditary hair loss. They do not guarantee happiness or success in life. However, many commercial chain clinics would like us to believe that sitting in their chair would solve all our concerns. Fame, beautiful couples, money and success, none of these things can be guaranteed through surgery. In fact, each patient must be fully informed about the possibility that their results may not go as expected. The happiest patients are the patients who understand the process of hair restoration and have been fully informed of the limitations associated with the surgery.


While the hair transplant industry has improved by leaps and bounds, there are still a small number of hair transplant clinics that take advantage of naive and unconscious patients. This is the reason why participating in a popular forum for hair loss as the hair transplant center is so important, since potential patients can educate themselves for free. The hair loss forums such as the hair replacement center have grown thanks to the collective wisdom of thousands of patients around the world and the knowledge that patients get is invaluable. As they say, knowledge is power.

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