How to dress up for a job interview?

It is never easy to know what to dress during a job interview. It is necessary to appear credible in the eyes of the employer, without showing a face that is too smooth or too austere.

The choice of outfit also varies depending on the position requested. All of these things need to be taken into account so as not to miss the opportunity to create a positive image, and maybe get a job. So here is a set of tips and tricks for dressing well during a job interview.

For women

During their job interview, women are advised to opt for classic, no-frills outfits. As a priority, tight-fitting outfits and too conspicuous colors, as well as skirts that are too short, should be avoided. Of course, all worn or soiled clothing is to be avoided.

Choosing a pantsuit, dark in color if possible, remains an interesting possibility. All clothes chosen should be neat and perfectly ironed, in order to make the best impression possible. An employer only gives each candidate a short time, so it is essential to be able to give an impression of seriousness only by his dress. For this reason, we will also reject the wearing of jeans, too neglected. Elegant materials, in gray tones, are suitable for all situations.

We can recommend a sober and elegant outfit at the same time, such as a blouse in ecru shades. Be aware of the connotation that colors give to your outfit: light colors convey an image of softness and joviality, while dark colors evoke power and firmness. It all depends on the type of job and company you are applying for, the important thing being to be aware of the signals sent by your outfit.

Some rules to follow

To respond to a job offer, we will always turn to classic and timeless outfits. A suit for women, a suit for men, works very well. For women, it is recommended not to overload your outfit with accessories, but you can express your style as long as it stays in small touches and is not too imposing. We will avoid wearing too much jewelry in particular.

Overall, it is generally accepted that sobriety should be the order of the day when it comes to dress. We will also refrain from choosing overly chic clothes or clothes of big brand. Discretion is a quality always valued by employers, and being humble in dress always works in the candidate’s favor. Stick to these basic rules while being you.

The goal is to highlight his personality, even his originality, without this being able to represent a crippling barrier to your hiring.

Adapt according to the sector of activity

When working in an office, do not hesitate to adopt the codes of this type of establishment. A classic outfit, dark pants for women online New York, jacket and tie for men, matching suit for women, is recommended. The more important the position, the more sober the outfit should be.

Bold colors are clearly not in use here. A gray or black suit or suit, a white or light-colored shirt, are the only clothes to recommend. For work in a business, however, you can opt for a more casual and colorful outfit, without going towards showy or tight outfits. Finally, for an administrative position or in a school environment, the strictest dress is desirable.


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