How to dress in the office?

Have you dreamed many times of being this working girl, advancing with a confident step, pumps on your feet, coffee in one hand and leather briefcase in the other to go to work? Be careful, behind this image of Épinal actually hides a thousand and one styles of active women. Here are some tips on how to dress well in the office according to your profile and that of your workplace.

If you’ve never heard of “power dressing”, know that it is the art of dressing while being both comfortable and at the top of your confidence to go to work. Having confidence in your clothes therefore shows that finding the perfect outfit is more a matter of sociology and psychology than a simple fashion gesture.

As a first step, you must adapt to your professional environment and to your peers, while wearing clothes that look like you and in which you feel good and not disguised. The image you convey to your colleagues will inevitably influence your relationships, so you need to cultivate it carefully. Those who are lucky enough to have an independent profession will be able to boast of escaping this issue of the skirt or pantsuit, but they are subject to many other questions.

For starters, whatever your work environment, except obviously if you work from home without direct contact with customers, there is a list of prohibitions to ban. All pieces that are very short, too low-cut or too casual are to be avoided.

Not only could they be misinterpreted by your colleagues, clients or superiors, but in addition they could be uncomfortable (especially if it involves spending your day pulling down your crop top that goes up dangerously or if your mini-skirt shows a little too much. once you are seated). You will have many other opportunities outside of your working hours to wear them. The same is true for shoes with killer heels which will also make you have a bad day if you have to scurry from one place to another.

Plus, since you’re expected to spend nearly eight hours a day, at least five days a week in your workplace, the clothes you wear there are arguably the most used in your closet. You must therefore bet on quality parts, both on the materials and on the cuts. It will make you want to cherish and take care of this 100% cashmere sweater or silk blouses for women UAE even more. Otherwise, you will spend your time replacing parts of your cabinet (which is neither economical nor environmentally friendly).

In a conventional office

Some areas require you, without necessarily being written in black and white, to dress in a strict and elegant manner. If these gentlemen have no other escape than the suit, you have a much wider range of possibilities, while still conforming to the dress codes of the company.

One of the strategies not to feel disguised either is to opt for a top or a blouse, pants and a blazer, then bet on a little originality in your accessories and your shoes. Without falling into eccentricity, you can tie a scarf around your neck, wear eye-catching jewelry or dare to wear patent or colored shoes.

It’s also proven, sadly, that if you work in an environment where there are more men, it’s okay to masculinize your style to make yourself heard better. Be careful, however, to stay true to yourself, avoiding floating in a suit that is too large or finding yourself stuck in a blazer that is too tight.

In a relaxed office

During your job interview, you had already spotted colleagues arriving at their post in t-shirts and denim jackets lined with shearling.

On the other hand, you are not at home either and must adopt a casual but also chic look. The equation is simple; all you have to do is mix the good basics of your wardrobe (silk blouse, fine knit sweater, cotton sweatshirt, slim jeans, and well-cut pants) with more trendy pieces.

The fashionista that you are can express your sense of style in this way with a trench coat in fall, a faux fur coat in winter, a wicker basket-style bag in summer and corduroy pants in spring. Create a beautiful dressing room with things that are easy to match with each other (to be able to create endless looks), in which you will feel elegant and comfortable.

In a creative office

In short, your mission (which you must accept) is to find the perfect balance between being yourself and blending in with your work environment.


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