How to choose a white shirt?

Still looking for the perfect white shirt? Know that you are not the only one! Timeless and timeless, the white shirt is one of the most versatile pieces in our wardrobe. It allows you to create many completely different looks and styles, from the most BCBG to the most rock’n roll.

So choosing a white shirt is important for two main reasons. The first is that by purchasing a quality, well-cut white shirt, you won’t need to replace it for several years. You will also get tired of it much less quickly. And the second reason is that once you’ve completed this quest for the perfect shirts for women UAE, you can finally sleep soundly.

All kidding aside, you may have noticed that you want to wear a nice, quality piece more than a cheap, poorly cut piece. It is therefore important to take into account the quality of your future shirt and not to rely solely on the financial criterion, namely the price of your shirt.

Yes, I know, you can’t always spend crazy amount of money on a piece of clothing but sometimes the investment is really worth it. And you can definitely find alternatives, such as buying a quality second-hand shirt.

If you still don’t see the point of investing in good basics, I invite you to re-read this article which explains why it is important to choose your basics well.

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All tastes are in nature but in this article it is about choosing a timeless white shirt. So forget the fitted cuts too close to the body or on the contrary oversized cuts, asymmetrical cuts, fancy buttons and all the other original details. A small pocket at the front is allowed as long as there is only one. We are not trying to differentiate but to find the ideal white shirt.

The ideal white shirt is neither too loose nor too tight, and especially not oversize, otherwise you will not be able to wear it tucked in your pants or your skirts (there will be too much fabric and it will give a baggy effect that is not very becoming). However, you absolutely have to be comfortable to move as you wish, so always go for the size above if you are hesitating between two sizes. But not the other way around. You must be able to raise your arms without difficulty!

If you like to wear your white shirt over slim jeans for example, choose there with rounded sides, the drape is prettier and more feminine.

Regarding the length, I advise you not to choose it too long to be able to tuck it into a skirt or pants without a puffy effect. The front panel should never drop lower than the crotch and ideally fall in the middle of your jeans fly. I like it when the back panels are longer than the front panels; it gives a nice “boyfriend” style when the shirt is worn alone over skinny jeans for example.

These are all these little details that make the difference and above all drive up the price of shirts! But they’re also great tips for recognizing the best ones and helping you decide when to make a choice.


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