Computer Tips That Will Help You With Your Computer

For most entrepreneurs, computers are an essential part of our business. A businessman can not allow his computer to be inoperable even for a minute. Implement some of these quick and affordable computer tips to keep your computer in good condition and earn money for your business.

Double Internet speed

Comcast recently doubled cable modem download speeds. Now you can surf the Internet and download files twice as fast. However, you need to turn your cable modem off and on [unplug it for 30 seconds and restart the computer so that the new configuration is automatically downloaded to your modem.

Connecting to work from home

Do you have problems with your corporate VPN connection when working from home? Often, this can be solved with a simple firmware update to your network router or a slight change in configuration.

Sudden connection connection

Has your Internet connection suddenly stopped working? Often, computer users with software-based firewalls suddenly discover that their Internet connection is no longer available. Often, when you download a software update, you can change its original settings. As a quick test, disable the software firewall. If the connectivity returns, it is a problem of incorrect configuration.

Slow e-mail and Internet browsing

Has your computer been working wonderfully, but suddenly email or Internet browsing is extremely slow? It could be that your cable connection has left. And although the connection has returned, your computer and the cable modem may have difficulty communicating. Try turning your modem off and on. A computer, security and networking repair company that operates in north Boston, southern NH and Maine. Do you visit Geeks? Technicians are experts in crushing viruses, pop-up windows and securing and making computers run faster.


A discount is not always a bargain. Computers with discounts are often close to being discontinued. You can get a good offer or buy technology that is about to become yesterday’s news. In addition, stores often bundle computers with lots of free items to make it look like you’re getting more value. Most likely, the extras are of low quality or items that you are unlikely to use. Also, they count on you not to exchange your refund, a very common fact.

Extended Service Guarantees:

The buyer be careful! They are a bet, but it is not always a bad idea. If you are buying a laptop and plan to travel a lot, a good warranty covering the monitor / screen replacement can be a good bet. Replacing a screen can cost between $ 400 and $ 600, which makes the warranty worthwhile. On the other hand, if you plan to buy the warranty for routine maintenance; save your money Often, the store may take weeks to send your PC to technical service.

Also, remember that the store where you bought your computer does not always perform the warranty work during the first year, instead, you must send it directly to the manufacturer. In general, extended warranties cover electronics [things that can not be seen]. Normally they do not cover physical damage. Most extended warranties have large gray areas, which leaves the warranty provider ample space to reject claims.


3 – Monitors:

Do not throw away the monitor if it is still working properly. Instead, keep it and save a good amount of money by simply replacing your old CPU [computer tower]. Monitors last much longer than CPUs and the technology is generally compatible between your old monitor and the new CPU. However, if you are not satisfied, then monitors, keyboards and mice are the three tools to spend extra money, since you use them every day!


How are you connecting to the internet? If you are using a high-speed Internet connection, such as cable or DSL broadband, you want to make sure you have a network card built into your system. If you have a wireless network in your home or office, save money and installation time by purchasing the integrated wireless card directly on the computer. security and networking repair company that operates in north Boston, southern NH and Maine. Do you visit Geeks? Technicians are experts in crushing viruses, pop-up windows and securing and making computers run faster.

In general, the wireless connections of the computer are reliable. However, nothing is perfect and, sometimes, you may lose the connection or experience a weak signal. There are many factors that affect the reliability of your wireless connection.

For example, if your wireless adapter is too close to a 2.4 GHz cordless phone, you may notice a decrease in the wireless power of your computer. Why? Because the telephone and the computer reside in the same frequency and can interfere with the performance of each one.



Repair checklist useful for wireless interruptions

  1. First check if your cable or DSL is really working. Generally located in your basement, most modems have four lights. You have a live Internet connection if the “data” or “status” light is on. If it is off, or blinks, its cable is out.
  2. If your cable / DSL is working, restart your computer. Sometimes, if your cable / DSL goes off for even 10 seconds, your computer and the wireless router may no longer be able to communicate with each other. When you restart your computer, a new IP address is assigned, allowing you to communicate one more time.
  3. If your computer is wireless and you have moved the wireless adapter [the box next to the computer with antennas], you may have to move the adapter until you find a stronger signal.


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