Failure of an air compressor can cost money and damage the product. This is nervous, but don’t be afraid to buy a used air compressor, especially if you can work with a reputable dealer. The first recommendation is to buy a new unit, but if your budget is a concern, you can provide a temporary solution on your used machine. Air compressors are used in tire shops, production lines, and sporting goods dealers. It has a wide range of applications and often offers many options to meet specific requirements. Air compressors are excellent parts of used machines because many can function for years. In addition, it costs money to purchase used equipment. Many used machines that have been properly cared for by previous owners can make appropriate modifications temporarily until new machines can be purchased. However, there are a few things you should know before buying a used compressor. This guide looks at the key elements of standard air compressor selection, with helpful tips on how to ask for the specific usage model under consideration. Every application is unique and you want to fit properly, so always ask questions until you feel comfortable.

Factors to consider when purchasing a used air compressor

If you use a pneumatic tool regularly or have a line that requires multiple power tools, a professional air compressor is ready. The next step is to select the required air compressor type. This guide will look at each type and give you some tips on what to keep in mind when buying a used version of that air compressor. Note that oil-lubricated air compressors are generally recommended for industrial and large-scale applications because the engine is more powerful and has a higher CFM rating. Always check the entire compressor, especially the tank, thoroughly, as the wear may vary between the owner’s application and your application. Also, inspect the unit at your local dealer for signs of trouble. Even if you have achieved some savings by purchasing a used air compressor, it is definitely worth paying a little more for a more powerful air compressor. Let’s look at some options. Remember that everything here is not mutually exclusive. Therefore, the compressor you are looking for can fall into several categories:


Basic electric air compressors typically use a standard household voltage rating of 110-120 volts. If you are looking at a model with a 2HP engine, you will need a 220-240 volt outlet. This is an air compressor suitable for indoor use because it does not use gas and therefore does not generate exhaust. One thing I want to check is how and where the used electric air compressor was used. If power is supplied by improper setup, engine problems may occur sooner than usual.


The best air compressor for outdoor work is usually a gas driven compressor. It has a standard power supply and can often have a more powerful engine than an electric model of the same size. Gas air compressors require adequate ventilation, and oil is often used as part of the cooling mechanism. Gas air compressors come in various sizes, shapes and tank capacities. Find options for large storage tanks, wheels, handles, rubber feet, and multi-valve configurations to adapt the compressor to the field. The used gas-powered air compressor you are considering purchasing probably had a rough life. They tend to be brought into various places and attached to tools. It is also ideal for various dirty work. You should check filters, tanks and hoses for signs of abnormal wear. I’ve also heard that used gas-driven compressors come with bad pressure regulators, so test riding is not a problem.

Fixed / Fixed

Upright compressors tend to be stationary and are installed in workshops and garages. They are ideal for heavy duty commercial applications. If you use air compressors consistently and have multiple tools that need power, a stationary compressor is safe.When purchasing a used fixed or fixed air compressor, be sure to check where it was previously installed, if possible. You should make sure that there is enough space around the compressor and that it has been properly evacuated to avoid trapping heat. If the space appears to be too narrow, or if there are a lot of black greasy residue, you may be looking at a compressor with internal components that are more stressed than normal. Make sure that the exhaust and the filter are free of dust and dirt. If this is not the case, this may mean that the compressor is not cleaned often enough or the circulation is not good.

Single stage or 2 stages

The stage shows how many pistons on the air compressor are compressed to send air to the tank. Single-stage options are usually cheaper and less effective in high-pressure situations and tend to be used for applications that require less than 120 PSI. The two-stage option greatly compresses air and is ideal for industrial applications. Works well in continuous situations and can reach levels of over 150 PSI. Ask about the usage patterns of these models to find out if they are well managed or too rigorous. Business hours are a good indicator of wear.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a used air compressor

Part of deciding what to look for when buying a used air compressor is how to plan the use of the air compressor. There are a variety of questions, ranging from troublesome work to installation, installation on the shop floor, and the optimal tank size for 20 tools to the optimal size for a single tank. Here are some points to consider when buying a used air compressor. Compromising on these will not save you money in the long run because you will need to buy a new one or buy multiple units to achieve everything you need.

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