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HR tools are a wide array of technology solutions that help organizations effectively manage their day-to-day HR activities. HR processes are compliance driven, and manual execution is tedious, time consuming and arduous.

HR tools leverage the power of automation to save HR staff time, reduce costs, and easily manage their employees. HR tools manage all basic HR processes, from new hiring requests to employee exit interviews. Depending on the requirement, organizations can either opt for simple HR software that addresses day-to-day administrative tasks like vacation management, timesheet management, etc., or opt for software that manages strategic HR areas. like recruiting and performance management.

Choosing the right HR tool is a complex process, as there is a lot of planning and evaluation involved. You need to develop a detailed plan, assess organizational needs, and assess available solutions before reaching a conclusion. We’ve put together a list of the HR features you must look for in your software and the top 5 tools that stand out from the crowd.

The 8 main features to look for in an ideal HR tool

Identifying and compiling a list of important features can help organizations eliminate HR tools that don’t meet their unique process needs.

Here are 8 essential aspects to never overlook when looking for the perfect HR tool:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Quick implementation
  3. Multichannel access
  4. Collection of ready-to-use reports
  5. Seamless integration with third-party tools
  6. Employee Self-Service Portal
  7. Customization to meet unique needs
  8. Scalability to adapt to business growth

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Here are 5 HR tools that stand out from the crowd

1. Ci3 Cloud

Ci3 is an all-in-one cloud HR software that enables companies to create, modify and manage their HR processes efficiently. Ci3 is pre-equipped with a range of human resource management modules, from candidate tracking and employee onboarding to performance reviews, succession and exit management. Its precise, data-driven insight enables managers to make decisions based on data points rather than instinct.

Powerful Features:

  • What sets Ci3 Cloud apart are its automated performance triggers that kick-start performance improvement for employees who slack past a specific saturation point.
  • The built-in talent pool, automated announcements, and social collaboration are other innovative features.
  • In addition, Ci3 also integrates seamlessly with other third-party software solutions such as ERP systems and payroll software, so you can use any tool you already use with Ci3, so that there is no loss of data or compatibility issues.

2. Zoho People

Zoho People is cloud-based human resource management software used to help organizations manage and organize employee data. Designed for small and medium business, it can also meet business needs. There are a number of tools on the platform, allowing you to track time off, manage timesheets, create custom forms, manage performance reviews, and more.

It’s much more transparent than some of its competition, but not as feature rich as some of them. By automating all of your business-specific recruiting processes, it helps your HR team save time and spend time focusing on the work that matters.

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3.iCIMS Talent Acquisition

It is an employee onboarding software that offers a number of dynamic features including a customizable career portal that allows candidates to search for career opportunities. For companies interested in a useful HR tool, this can greatly speed up and simplify the talent acquisition process.

Companies have access to a platform that allows them to hire quality employees, improve the recruitment process, identify and interact with the right candidates. In addition, iCIMS Talent Acquisition also includes social media distribution, career site search engine optimization, and job site posting.

Overall, when it comes to useful HR applications, iCIMS Talent Acquisition is easily one of the most competitive out there. It is one of the largest providers of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions for talent acquisition and management. The software is used by nearly 3,200 organizations around the world.

4. Breezy HR

Breezy HR is another human resource management tool for small, medium and large businesses. One of Breezy’s main selling points is the fact that it integrates seamlessly with your existing HR tools. You don’t have to worry about data loss during migration and integration. Breezy takes care of everything automatically.

It’s not just about recruiting. You can also track current employees and streamline communication. Furthermore, it also seamlessly connects to LinkedIn and AngelList to find quality candidates.

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5. ADP

ADP is a cloud-based HR tool. Compared to other HR tools that provide specific solutions, ADP is an all-in-one solution that unites HR, payroll, talent, time, and tax and benefits administration.

ADP is used by more than 650,000 customers in more than 110 countries. It is an online HR tool that can be implemented by businesses of all types and sizes.

ADP received the Human Resources Management Solutions Company of the Year award from Frost & Sullivan in 2016. It also received an AA credit rating from Standard & Poor and Moody’s.

Automate your processes today using online HR tools

HR has started using online HR management tools to make sure they aren’t spending valuable time doing something that can be done much more efficiently and with much more precision. And to meet that need, tools like the ones we covered above have become increasingly feature-rich, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Ci3 is a user-friendly HR tool that sets the standard for all other HR software offerings on the market. It’s user-friendly, with streamlined processes, a configurable interface, insightful reports, and an interactive dashboard. Its built-in approval flows ensure compliance without affecting usability. Best of all, Ci3 channels help employees collaborate faster and improve engagement and productivity.

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