Tips and Tricks to Care of Handmade Damascus Steel Knives


In the event that you have a Damascus steel cutting edge knife, you have a knife edge with one of a kind wonder. With its chronicled notoriety as the metal utilized for the best swords more than several years and its unmistakable wavy plan, Damascus steel is a wonder to view. So with that quality cutting edge – particularly one that has many-sided etchings- – comes unique consideration. Here are our tips on the best way to think about a Damascus steel chef knife, with the goal for it to keep up its excellence and use.

1 Lubricate carbon steel Damascus knife

The example in Damascus produced totally through the total of the sharp edge. The steel’s novel example is just genuinely uncovered with drawing a corrosive wash during assembling. These scratching causes the diverse oxidation levels to show dim (oxidized) and light/sparkling examples on the cutting edge (opposing oxidation).

Most hand manufactured Damascus cutting edges are made of high carbon steel, which implies that they have a generally low measure of chromium in the steel. Carbon steel and carbon steel Damascus can rust when not thought about appropriately. You should ensure the cutting edge stays spotless and dry so as to forestall rust or staining.

In the wake of cleaning and drying your blade, you ought to grease up it with a wax to keep dampness from influencing the edge. We prescribe Renaissance Wax (a recorded evaluation exhibition hall wax), since it will keep your blade sans rust and keep up its carved magnificence. Damascus sharp edges can likewise be made of treated steel. At the point when a blade is made with steel conveying a chromium substance of in any event 11% it will be referenced in the item specs as pure. While pure Damascus steel can oppose rust and will take less mind, we prescribe applying wax to any Damascus sharp edge to keep it seeing it’s ideal.

2 Avoid Abrasives.

Keeping away from abrasives- – harsh fabrics, metal shines, steel fleece, and so forth – is essential to keeping up the look and nature of the cutting edge, in such a case that you do utilize a grating or metal cleaner it will evacuate the carved oxidation that you need on a Damascus blade to show the example. Once the engraving is significantly changed, we prescribe sending your edge back to the creator for re-drawing administration.

3 Be mindful of when and where you use your Damascus blade.

A carbon steel Damascus sharp edge is particularly powerless to harm when utilized on acidic nourishment (organic products, for instance), in wet, sticky situations, and for field dressing game. These utilization and situations can expel the drawing of the cutting edge.

At the point when you do utilize Damascus, make sure to wash and dry it promptly, taking consideration to not rub the cutting edge generally. Utilizing a microfiber or cotton fabric to dry it, the milder material won’t wear the cutting edge.

4 Store it properly to keep it rust-free.

At the point when not being used, it’s critical to keep the Damascus steel blade in a dry inside condition, where it won’t be influenced by outrageous dampness or temperature changes. Subsequent to cleaning and waxing your blade, putting away it in a crate or cushioned zipper case, your blade will keep well.

When out in the field with your blade, ensure that you don’t keep it in a wet domain for extensive stretches of time. Try not to store your Damascus blade (or any blade so far as that is concerned) in a cowhide sheath – acids and synthetic substances are utilized to tan

What’s more, look out for a wet handle: the dampness from the handle can likewise rust the cutting edge, so keeping the whole blade dry is significant. We unequivocally prompt against utilizing a dehumidifier bar in the event that you are putting away Damascus blades with normal handle materials; particularly in a shut safe or capacity compartment. Extraordinary low moistness is a risk for ANY common handle material (woods, stag, and so on) and will probably cause splitting or division. Moistness doesn’t influence engineered handle materials.

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