Top 3 Trends For Personalized Cosmetic Boxes In 2020

Each year, the cosmetic box industry produces unique new trends. Customers’ buying habits change over time and in 2020 we expect to see new things come to fruition. From ecological and sustainable packaging to “intelligent packaging” and beyond, the future is there. In the article below, we will examine the 3 main trends in cosmetic packaging in 2020 and reflect on the dynamics of each trend.

  1. Eco-friendly and sustainable cosmetic packaging materials

2020 will see an even greater demand for supplies of sustainable cosmetic packaging than we already do, and that means something. As you already know, 2019 has seen some of the biggest protests against climate change in the history of the world as we know it, with big protests in and in various countries around the world. As the millennial and “Z” generations continue to grow in the labor market and become greater consumers; sustainability, recycling and environmental issues will continue to take center stage. From zero waste packaging reforms to recycling packaging programs such as LOOP, environmentally friendly packaging supplies are expected to continue to grow in popularity and generate even greater demand from consumers. Flexible cosmetic packaging supplies such as stretch films and vertical bags will be collaborated with new herbal alternatives such as biopolymer packaging plastics.

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  1. Intelligent personalized cosmetic packaging, augmented reality

Whether we are talking about augmented reality, RFID technology or QR codes. All this is linked to the idea of ​​intelligent personalized cosmetic packaging. As our technological innovations continue to evolve, we will see even more interactive and multimedia applications for augmented reality regarding everything from children’s toys to wine. RFID applications will help ensure high tracking capabilities for all products and gamification will continue to change the way consumers interact with cosmetic products and their packaging. In the field of packaging, we will see gamification objectives invoking educational experiences for children, playful and artistic designs that evoke the spirit of the product contained inside, and the accumulation of badges and similar rewards. to social media and mobile games. We will also see an increase in video and digital game experiences associated with traditional packaging materials.

As the rise of the unpacking experience for vintage, unique, and luxury makeup box experiences continues to draw customers to unexpected experiences, we will likely continue to see the fusion of traditional cosmetic packaging materials such as than cardboard and paper crossed with digital technologies. in a way that we have never seen before.

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  1. Vintage packaging

Old saying “What is old is new”. In the era of modern technology, consumers are starting to pay more attention to experiences that go back to a simpler time. With the growing desire of the consumer to recreate the joy of retro experiences in music, video games, movies and other forms of media, the nostalgic magic of the “days of yore” will continue to manifest higher growth in the re-interest. in classic experiments. According to DIELINES, “analog is the new vintage” and 99designs comment on the subject, it would seem that looking back is actually looking forward.

In the packaging age, this means that we will see even more modern designs based on colors and vintage aesthetics. The typography, the messaging, the color tones, the brand image and the associated dynamics will reach their success for the wearers by drawing on the emotions that these designs have on young and less young customers. The appeal of this trend is that vintage cosmetic packaging claims an air of quality, beauty, fashion and respect that many types of modern cosmetic packaging have left behind for cost reduction and sustainability concerns.  Like luxury packaging, which often uses the aesthetics and tropes of vintage design, the niche market for vintage packaging will have to move slowly and carefully in terms of sustainability. Since the combination of various materials in luxury cosmetic packaging can result in waste byproducts that are difficult to recycle, vintage packaging must find a way to straddle the barrier between sustainability and the dynamics needed to respond to the experience. expected by the consumer.

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