The summer wardrobe of a fifty-year-old

Keeping a feminine and neat style when the mercury goes above 30 ° C is not always easy, especially when you are not used to living in the open (place exposed to the sun in the South).

No more synthetic materials

When you live in the south, a summer outfit must absolutely be made mostly of natural material: cotton, linen, silk, or else a material derived from wood cellulose such as lyocell or Tencel or even viscose. Any other material prevents the skin from breathing and this is untenable.

So be particularly careful with low-cost stores that offer many charming-looking models for summer, but whose materials are often unsuitable for hot weather. If you want to avoid changing 3 times a day, check the compositions on the labels. For your online purchases, filter “natural fibers” in your searches when possible, or check the details of the compositions. For your ease, you can go to online clothing stores in Pakistan.

No more body-hugging cuts

The clothes that tighten are our enemies during the hot weather! Yes, here in the South, fans of the slim, of which I am a part, must review their copy in summer; otherwise they will swell up disgracefully by water retention.

Help, I have gained 2 kilos of water since this morning!!

This is not a big deal in itself because it goes away overnight, but it is extremely uncomfortable, even painful throughout the day.

The fullness of clothing allows the body to ventilate and swell less. Make way for loose pants, shorts, flared or flowing skirts, light dresses, loose tunics. This year the trend is for wide and even puffed sleeves that are perfect. Also prefer thin belts or even no belt at all.

I still pay attention to the pieces I choose, because loose and airy does not mean taking a size above. Make sure the seams are positioned correctly on the shoulders or under the chest. To feel beautiful, I pay particular attention to details, jewelry and accessories!

The darker a color, the more it absorbs the sun’s rays which turn into heat. With black, the feeling of warmth is the most important. White, on the other hand, reflects light and therefore does not accumulate heat.

Have you ever seen a black parasol on the beach?

In 2020 in the South, we rarely wear black in the middle of summer. Light colors boost morale and enhance our look from the first tan, so rule 3 is to overdo it, exit black!

I put myself comfortable!

After 50 years in the middle of summer, it’s better to pamper your venous return with comfortable shoes than your sweetheart with stilettos (I had to do it). It goes without saying that all the lucky ones who have no problem with traffic can smirk on heels, but still be careful of your back! For the others, exit the pumps and other heels tops (which many of us have already banned even in winter!) as well as sandals that sapling the feet.

The ultimate summer shoe is a flat, wedge or platform espadrille, there is something for everyone. If you prefer mules or sandals, opt for quality leather, flat heels or block heels that offer a little height while remaining comfortable. The trend is square toe this year; at least there is room for the toes!!

Cork soles are undoubtedly the most flexible, but not always the most elegant. Good sneakers in canvas or even breathable leather are a super trendy option even with dresses, as long as they are worn with invisible cotton-majority socks. Also think of openwork derbies in supple leather or braided leather ballet flats.


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