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Best Tactical Pocket Knife 2019 And Buying Guide

In the beginning, tactical pocket knives were used by athletes and then it became an indispensable part of military personnel because each tactical map has a number of unique functions and could perform a variety of tasks. Various types of tactical knives first became popular in the United States in the early 1990s. The designs and parts of these knives have been adjusted and updated in these 30 years. While maintaining that continuity, I present the best  Tactical Pocket Knife in the contemporary period.

How to Choose a Best Tactical Pocket Knife in 2019 – Buying Guide

When choosing this knife you want to ensure that it gives you ease of use, safety, peace of mind and effectiveness. Make sure it has a sturdy, comfortable grip and a safe knife. If you are looking for a daily multi functional self-defense knife that gives you an advantage in case you are attacked and protected, choose a best tactical pocket knife.

Tactical Knife

What Makes A Knife A Best Folding Tactical Knife?

If you are wondering about buying a tactical pocket knife, you need to know its key features. This type of knife has a number of unique attributes. Let me describe the top 10 most important functions.

  1. A safe and secure locking mechanism
  2. High-quality knife metal with a razor-sharp edge
  3. Partially serrated knife for multitasking
  4. Modern, durable and composite material handle
  5. Treat material such as carbon fiber, G-10, plastic, metal
  6. Comfortable finger notch with grip skin
  7. Almost always have a safe opening system with one hand
  8. Pocket clip especially reversible
  9. Lightweight, easy to carry and hide
  10. At least one life-saving function: glass breaker, belt cutter, fire starter etc.

Note: You may not find all functions in a particular knife.

What Is The Purpose Of Your Knife?

Because there are so many different tactical pocket knives on the market; you must first determine what you are going to use it for. This will help you to limit it to a few instead of a few hundred. This knife can be used as a survival knife, for self-defense, an all-round knife, such as a knife for protection, or general use for a camping trip. The more you know what the goal will be, the easier it will be to buy the right model.

Functions Must Consider Before You Pick One Up

One of the functions that you must take into account is the opening system, which suits your wishes, personal style and needs, locking system, types and functions and more. Make a list of functions that you want so that you get what you want in a best tactical knife.

The Blade Most Crucial Part of Tactical Pocket Knife

Before deciding which tactical knife you want to buy, consider what type of stainless steel knife you need, the knife edge and length that you need, the number of blades that you want your knife to have and the manufacture of the knife.

Some Recommended Core Materials of the Knife

The core element of the blade is generally carbon steel or stainless steel. How the steel is treated with heat is a huge factor in the blade’s performance. If you look at the core material of the knife, you must first look for a material with a specific alloy name. Most knives have a specification sheet with different compositions of the material of the knife. Under the category sheet material you may see a connection such as 8Cr13MoV, 440C, AUS-8 or other composite numbers.

If the manufacturer does not state the alloy, but states surgical steel or stainless steel, you should not pay more than thirty dollars for the knife. The next step is to choose the blade from a respected manufacturer. Some knife owners say that the most popular knives are the 154CM and the S30V, AUS-8, carbon steel because these two are sharper, harder and harder than some of the more foreign and exotic knives.

Given the Total Length Of The Knife

Sheets of a tactical folder can vary from very small sheets of two centimeters to large sheets of more than eight and a half centimeters. The size of the knife can make a big difference, even if it is only a few centimeters. Choose the format for how you will use it.

Different Types of Knife Length from Tactical Folding Knives

The first thing you need to do is check the legality of the length of the knife that you can have in your area. Next, consider what you are going to use the blade for, so that you can choose the right blade length and not get too small or too large.

  • Small Blades: these blades are slightly less than 2.75 inches and are used for complex tasks. They are legal, lighter and easier to carry in most places. The disadvantages of this small knife are that they are not as versatile or strong as larger tactical folding knives.
  • Medium Blades: these vary from 3 to 4 inches and are large enough to perform different tasks, but still small enough to be mobile. These knives also have different locking mechanisms. Most users of tactical knives prefer medium-sized knives.
  • Large Blades: these folding blades are more than four centimeters and focus more on self-defense and can be intimidating than the smaller blades. They are also not easy to wear discreetly. They are also heavier and more bulky. In some places they may not meet the legal requirements.

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