The Advantages of Damascus Fixed Blade Knives – Guide Book

With regards to picking either a fixed blade knife, the discussion has seethed for a considerable length of time among knife fans.

For collapsing Damascus blade fans, the contention goes something like this:

Folding knives are increasingly discrete, simple to cover

  • People don’t have any acquaintance with you have a blade
  • Folding blades are helpful and can be effectively shipped in your pocket – thus the name “folding knife”
  • A well-developed collapsing Damascus knife sharp edge is as intense as fixed cutting edge

That is the fundamental contention for collapsing blades. With the end goal of this article, we’re going to take the position that this contention is totally off-base.

The Fixed Blade Pros

Maybe in light of the manner in which they are portrayed in such a large number of motion pictures, fixed blades have a notoriety for being progressively “genuine” knives. As it were, that is valid. In any case, that doesn’t mean they can’t be utilized in practically any condition.

The rundown of stars for the sharp edge is broad. Here are a couple to consider.

They are solid and huge.

A fixed sharp edge basically comes in whatever size you need, from a little helpful cutting edge to a huge, “Crocodile Dundee”- size beast. One quality that cuts over all sizes is the quality of the Damascus sharp edge.

  • They don’t break.
  •  No moving parts on a fixed blade.
  • They are simpler to keep up.
  •  No agonizing over the pivot as you do with a collapsing Damascus blade. What’s more, cleaning is clear and basic.
  • The cutting edge length.
  •  Fixed cutting edges are typically twice the length of the sharp edge on a collapsing knife.
  • Prevalent strategic use.
  • As a rule, sharp edge Damascus blades can be brought into play quicker than a collapsing blade during strategic circumstances.

A prevalent “endurance apparatus.”

A fixed sharp edge offers greater adaptability for any number of errands related with purported endurance knifes, including yet not restricted to:


  • Cutting
  • Digging
  • Splitting
  • First help apparatus
  • Food arrangement
  • Hunting weapon
  • Hammering
  • Prying apparatus

 Directed by Environment

While there are plainly preferences to having a Damascus fixed knife, most specialists concur the collapsing blade is a superior decision for an urban domain, while the fixed cutting edge is better for individuals who are not kidding outdoors men or trackers.

Understanding this, shrewd sharp edge makers have gone to making knifes with little fixed edges, simpler to disguise and use in an urban situation.

For instance, Damascus steel Knives offers a little fixed sharp edge knife that is ideal for chasing, angling, outdoors and strategic use. The cutting edge is 3/4 inch long, consummately offset with a custom Morse code hold.

Another little, fixed-sharp edge diamond is the NANO Black Stone Wash from Damascus Knives, which “takes disguise to the following level.” The lightweight blade is twofold bladed and can be utilized for both hostile and protective strategic purposes.

So regardless of whether you live in an urban situation, a fixed sharp edge is still deserving of your thought whenever you are thinking about another knife. The upsides of many, and the cons – presently that blade creators offer such a large number of various assortments – are not many.

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