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Men’s winter clothing: make your choice

When it comes to keeping up with the latest fashion trends, men aren’t far behind the fairer sex. The new metrosexual man is stylish, casual and retains that touch of masculinity that makes every woman’s eyes flutter. After all, what’s better than a MAN who knows how to look his best? With fall upon us, a man can’t just wear sweaters. In fact, there are plenty of options for men to play with, experiment a bit, mix and match and come out on top, literally!

Well, for starters, there’s nothing better than the classic sweater. Wear it over jeans and you’re set for the day. Plus, no other garment shows off a man’s shoulders better than a V-neck. But there’s a lot more to it than just jumpers. A turtleneck sweater comes in handy for both a business meeting and a casual day. There’s the zip-up sweater that you can wear over a shirt and you’re good to go. This look might even encourage you to ditch the jacket and tie at the office for once. There are also cardigans and collared sweaters, if you’re looking for something different. Sleeveless sweaters over a crisp shirt also make a man look great.

Depending on the fabric, sweaters work just as well for pre-fall as they do for fall. But if you’re looking for something light and simple, sweatshirts are the way to go. Opt for hooded or hoodless ones in a range of colors to complete your winter look. Reversible zip-up sweatshirts also seem to be all the rage. While we’re at it, reversible windbreakers are no less in demand. Classic black windbreakers are also an absolute favorite in men’s winter fashion.

When it comes to men’s winter fashion staples, jackets never go out of style either. Leather jackets in darker tones complete the look and make it absolutely worthy of admiration. This will help you get all the attention from the ladies! Formal and semi-formal jackets also sell like hotcakes and can be found in a range of cuts, colors and fabrics in any online store. And then there are the quilted ones that keep the harsh winds at bay like not even a heater can, and yes, they can make a man look manly and voluminous without much effort.

The jacket look is indeed incomplete without a muffler or scarf. Yes, scarves are not just for women anymore. Pair a scarf with a heavy jacket to look stylish and eye-catching. Silencers go best with formal jackets, so give it a try and get ready to receive all those compliments.

Now that you’re enlightened about men’s winter clothing, make sure you don’t make any mistakes, whether it’s for your own needs or as a gift. Also, remember that standard dark shades are always appropriate for men, but a little color never hurts anyone!


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