How to wear carrot pants?

The carrot pants have a very modern cut. It is very comfortable to wear whether going to the office, going out with friends or going to a fancy party. However, its original cut does not suit all body types and is not always easy to pair with other fashion pieces.

Find out in our article how to adopt this essential piece. How to wear women’s carrot pants in a trendy and stylish way!

What are carrot pants?

The “Carrot Pant”, called the carrot pants here, takes its name from a vegetable that we know well: the carrot!

Not all that glamorous, right? But hey, you don’t have to look too far.. If it is called like this it’s because of its high waist cut which is loose at the hips and tapered at the legs and which you will have guessed, reminds us of the shape of a carrot!

It also reminds us of the style of pants women wore in the 80s with a slightly modernized cut and more fitted at the thighs and calves.

What morphology to wear carrot pants?

How to wear women pants online UAE? Does this pant cut suit all body types?

It is true that this type of pants will suit rather thin silhouettes better. However, it is quite possible to wear carrot pants when you are round if you assume your curves. You can even choose to wear carrot pants when you have a stomach.

Some silhouettes will wear this pant cut particularly well! This is the case with the V and H silhouettes.

For V-shaped morphologies (shoulders wider than the hips, slender legs), carrot pants are perfect because they will balance the silhouette by giving volume to the lower body.

For H-shaped morphologies (low waistline, hips and shoulders of the same width), this is a good choice of pants because they will add volume to the hips and emphasize the waist.

How to wear carrot pants?

Many women like the cut of carrot pants but find themselves unsettled by this cut of pants which may seem difficult to wear at first. Still, its pants that is easy to pair with other pieces. So how do you wear high waist carrot pants?

What top to wear with carrot pants?

The carrot pants are already loose at the hips, it is important to choose tops with a feminine cut.

Shirt, croc-top, lace blouse, t-shirt tucked into the pants, tank top….

Keep in mind a very simple rule: for a silhouette to be harmonious, it is necessary to concentrate the volume either on the top or on the lower body. So if you have volume on your lower body (as is the case with carrot pants) you should wear fitted tops. Conversely, if you have volume on your upper body (oversized sweater for example), choose straight-cut pants instead!

What shoes to wear with carrot pants?

The cut of carrot pants can make it look like you have short legs and rather thick thighs. Therefore, to adopt the trend in style, it is rather advisable to choose the right shoes to wear with carrot pants.

In conclusion

Carrot pants are trendier than ever. To wear it in style, here are some tips:

Go for fitted tops

Wear it with heels for a stylish outfit

Wear it with sneakers for a relaxed style

If you are thin, the carrot pants will suit you perfectly

If you have wide hips, go your way and prefer straight-cut pants


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