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Passed aws solutions architect certification

After passing the aws solutions architect certification exam at the end of last year, in the first half of this year, I was fortunate to lead and participate in the implementation of several global IT projects in the country, and successively migrated a number of server clusters that were previously scattered in various places to AWS .

As the project progressed, I felt more and more that AWS products were powerful and well-designed. I have learned the tools and methods that SAA has mastered before, and can no longer meet my curiosity and work needs. So, my eyes are on the higher level of the AWS solution architect, and set myself a goal-to pass the AWS Course professional level (SAP) exam before the end of 2019.

aws course


Unlike SAA, there is no ready study guide for the SAP exam. Moreover, the SAP exam questions are all scene questions, which are said to be based on the actual cases of AWS customers.

Each question involves the characteristics of AWS Training ranging from 2-3 items to 5-6 items. Not only do test takers need to understand the basic functions of AWS products, they also need to be proficient in the data flow when multiple products are deployed collaboratively, as well as the best practices recommended by AWS for different application scenarios. This time, learning and studying AWS technology can only rely on the vast AWS Course official documents and white papers.

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