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When we start a project and I, SEO Resident Geek, conduct my research and competitive analysis, I have a plan in mind for SEO. I know the keywords I want to target and the pages I want to write. Then the development begins, and you, the naive and unprepared customer, realize that writing powerful web content is not as easy as you think. It is easy, simple and painful. In the end, we, the team, make compromises on keywords and content, shift focus, and modify the sitemap.

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After editing your sitemap, pages, and keywords, you’ll need to modify my SEO strategy. I used to and I have no problem at all. I learned that this is normal progress because I insisted on pushing you to your limits.
When the dust design settles, SEO cleans
Once you download the latest website content and we know the final page number and site structure, I and my team navigate to everything. When I say “beautiful”, I mean we love the content of your site and make it one page worth.

1. Optimize page text, keyword headings, and phrases

This actually starts when you launch the project, but as I mentioned above, this keyword focus can change over the course of development. When you step back and review target keywords at launch, make sure that there are pages that support your keywords, and more importantly, that your copy supports the keyword.
Go through the Page page and make sure that your content uses the word or phrase we have chosen and that it is used in a natural, easy-to-read way. I also review the (H1) and sub-verification tags (H2, H3, H4 tags) and check them again to ensure they support the keyword and phrase for SEO and readability.
Subheadings are very important because they help break up content for readers and search engines. They provide natural breaks within the page and help clarify areas of interest for us who scan web pages and blog posts. I’m one of those scanners, so I make sure that every client site has a good mix of sub-titles.

2. Review and update Alt Images Images, anchor text for links, files, and bold text references

Alt indicates an alternate tag for the image. Search engines and users with disabilities can not read text in images. The alt tag is simply used to describe the image if it can not be read. You want the alt tag to be appropriate for the image and include keywords if possible. But you should only do so if the keyword is relevant to the image itself.
The body text is the clickable text that users will see as a result of a link. Good SEO on the page includes the use of rich basic hyperlinks, however, this should only be used if it represents a value to the reader.
SEO best practices on the page also include file name format. Preferably short descriptive filenames with corresponding replacement text. These should not be complete, stuffed sentences and keywords. It’s better when it’s short, but descriptive.
It is also believed that bold or strong text affects search engines. I’ll use this if it can support readers’ focus on important points and rich keyword. Due to concerns about usage, I will not only take words to improve search engines on the page.

3. Create descriptive meta descriptions for the page

When you launch a new website or restart an existing website, it’s important that each page contains a unique, manually-designed headline. Your induction address must be less than 60 characters and your description should be less than 160 characters. Both must have the keyword of the page and both must provide selling text. Search engines will use your description (if you like) for the search engine results page. It’s the first thing your visitor sees in the future about your website, so you have to make it good. The page must be closely linked and must be worthy of posting anyone to the website.
I usually create descriptive titles and descriptions in Excel and do so for the entire site map. Once you have the process, I have my help, Jen, enter them into WordPress. We use two people, because Jane will always find mistakes. When you sit down and write 200 titles and 200 meta descriptions, you will make mistakes. The second set of eyes helps to make sure your metadata is correct and without spelling or grammatical errors.

4. Improve blog posts

Improving the entry of the blog is important, but it is the only thing I forget so much. Customers post shares on my blog right before I start working, and as a result, I frequently check back to make sure they are improved.
Enabling blog sharing works like other pages, but you need to remember the value of the internal link. Blog posts usually support content pages and keywords. What is a cornerstone content page? This is a page used to target higher, more competitive keywords.

5. Create Deep Links

For me this is where I call uncle and grab my assistant Jen. I’ve worked on the web design and SEO of the website for weeks and I’m usually starting to get fatigued. Jen, being the perky and This process helps both the user and the search engines understand what pages are most important.

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