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Best Inverter Air Conditioners of Pakistan in Terms of Energy Efficiency-2019

Inverter air conditioners are a very important purchase for a home, especially if you want to save energy. A number of air conditioners available in Pakistan claim to save up to 75% of energy. However, their energy efficiency is not as important. Before you buy an inverter air conditioner, you need to consider a number of factors to make sure they are the most energy efficient air conditioners on the market.
Inverter air conditioners are available in 5 categories including a complete inverter air conditioner 1 DC (compressor only), 2DC, 3DC, 4DC and 5DC. The higher the number of parts, the more efficient the system becomes. In Pakistan, 1 air conditioners are the most common air conditioners on the market and are also the most sold because of its price. However, they are not very energy efficient compared to a DC-rated DC inverter rated 4DC and 5D. In addition, several factors must be taken into account before purchasing an inverter air conditioner, including the energy efficiency ratio (EER), seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), room size and service. aftermarket.
We have thoroughly tested some of the best inverter air conditioners in Pakistan that are the most energy efficient and the least used.

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 Sharp Inverter Air Conditioner (Official Warranty)

The most positive comments received from our consumers
Inverter air conditioners are certainly among the most energy efficient air conditioners on the market. It is also one of the few brands of air conditioners imported to have received the most positive feedback from our consumers.

  • Full Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Most positive customer reviews
  • Self cleaning function (24000 BTU)
  • Plasmacluster Ions
  • Aluminum coil
  • T1 compressor
  • Cool Only

Samsung Inverter Air Conditioner

Samsung recently launched its brand new inverter air conditioner category 2018-2019 with its NSF (AR5500M), Triangle and Windfree series.

  • Full Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Anti-corrosive fins
  • 1 year warranty on coil replacement
  • The world’s first 8-pole digital inverter
  • 3 Care Filter
  • Triple Protection Plus
  • Aluminum coil
  • T1 compressor
  • Not available in 12000 Btu

Samsung Inverter air conditioners are equipped with the world’s first 8-pole digital inverter technology, which allows the system to achieve higher energy efficiency and achieve the desired room temperature at a much faster rate than a conventional inverter. . In addition, Samsung Air Conditioner comes with turbo mode, 3 care filters (protects against dust, bacteria and allergens), automatic cleaning and triple protection plus (low and high voltage control and rust protection).
With one of the lowest complaint rates, Samsung is definitely improving its game with its new inverter air conditioner, which also makes it one of the best options to consider if you’re looking for one of the best energy efficient inverter air conditioners. noted on the market right. now.

Kenwood Smart Inverter Air Conditioner – 2019 Model

Cheap 5DC DC Full DC AC Converter in Pakistan
Kenwood has recently launched its first complete 5DC inverter air conditioner. With an EER OF 4.0, the Kenwood eSmart Inverter air conditioner has features that were not available in any of their mid-range inverter air conditioners, including the 60% and 75% series. The Kenwood Smart Inverter air conditioner also comes with a gold finned condenser designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions of Karachi, where air conditioners have the reputation of breaking down in just one year. In addition, it is also equipped with a T3 compressor designed to

  • operate at 65 degrees.
  • Air Conditioner Full Inverter 5DC
  • Condenser with gold fins
  • T3 compressor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • EER 4.0
  • After sales service
  • Not available in 24000 Btu

Although Kenwood needs to improve its after-sales service in Pakistan, it remains one of the best inverter air conditioners we can recommend at any cost. Kenwood also addressed the problem of coil leaks, which was very common in their previous range of midrange inverter air conditioners. The 2018 Smart Inverter air conditioner is an improvised version of their previous range including the Eco, Pro, Tec and Glow series (rated 2DC and 3DC), available at 60% and 75%.

 Daikin Inverter Air Conditioner

Daikin is without a doubt one of the best frequency converters in Pakistan where money can be bought. He is one of the pioneers of the air conditioning industry. Daikin is also the market leader in the corporate world. They were also the first company to introduce the 5DC full-converter air conditioner, which consumes 25% less energy than a conventional converter air conditioner. Recently, Daikin introduced the R-32 in its inverter air conditioner, which helps to efficiently transport heat and can increase savings up to 10% over R22 refrigerant. In addition, R-32 refrigerant has a much lower global warming potential and carbon footprint compared to refrigerants widely used in Pakistan, such as R-22 and R-410A.

  • Air Conditioner Full Inverter 5DC
  • Blue finned condenser
  • T3 compressor
  • Available in R32 refrigerant
  • Stock availability issues
  • Very expensive

Daikin is certainly one of the best frequency converters in Pakistan in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. However, because of the costs, Daikin is the most expensive inverter air conditioner, starting at 100,000 PKR, but do not let too much influence your choice.

 Aux-Daikool Full DC Inverter AC – UCLC Series

Most energy-efficient inverter air conditioners we’ve tested
With the recent success in the corporate world, Aux-Daikool is also becoming a brand name in the retail business. Daikool has recently launched its UCLC series inverter air conditioner, which is surprisingly the most energy-efficient inverter air conditioner we have ever tested in Pakistan. We obtained a very consistent reading of 1.5, 1.8 and 2.5 amps from units with a capacity of 1, 1.5 and 2 tons.

  • 4DC Full Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Blue finned condenser
  • T3 compressor
  • 2 years warranty on printed circuit board
  • Heat and cooling
  • The lowest amps ever reached
  • Best after-sales service

Their main point of differentiation is their after-sales service, which is by far one of the best. In addition, they are currently the only manufacturer to offer a 2-year warranty on printed circuit boards, which is also a necessity, as the most common problem we face in the inverter air conditioner is circuit boards. printed and no manufacturer has yet been found. with a viable solution to this problem. Brands like Daikin, Samsung and LG are facing serious competition because of their low cost, efficiency, durability and after-sales service. That’s why we ranked it as the best inverter in Pakistan in 2019.

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