What Is The Career Path Of A Business analysis certification?

Career Path of a Business analysis certification- Different Levels

The role of a business analysis certification includes three main levels – Junior, Intermediate, and Senior. These are usually defined in years of experience, where Junior is 0-3 years of experience, Intermediate is 3-5 years and Senior is 5+ years. If you’re a business analyst, you can look to gain experience in the business analysis field.

This will open you up to further opportunities, such as working on bigger and more complex projects, as well as the ability to mentor other juniors and team members.

Common Path – Project Manager

This seems to be the most common career path of a business analyst. Moving to a project manager is quite common, because many the skills learnt as a business analysis certification can be transferred to a project manager role (and it’s actually the path I’m currently taking with my career).

However, it’s not the only path. Not all of them want to become PMs, and a business analysis certification is a valid profession and an important part of the project team. Certifications exist for these roles, and there are plenty of them that I have worked with.

If you are interested in moving into a project manager role, you’ll need to improve your project management knowledge and skills. Get some experience in different projects, work with other project managers and try to learn from them.

Branch Out To Solution Architect

One possible option in the career path is to become a Solution Architect. A solution architect is a member of the project team that is responsible for the high-level design and architecture of a system. They are responsible for investigating, designing and documenting the way that a system should be laid out, which can include software, hardware, and interfaces between them. They should have more technical knowledge than a business analyst, and are usually quite senior roles as they require more experience in the IT industry. If this is something that interests you, then it is a valid transition from this role – and it also pays quite well!

Moving to Team Leader

The skills you learn as a business analysis certification can also be transferable to a team leader or manager role. The skills such as communication and organization can be used effectively to get you into a team leader position. This may be as a software team leader or application manager, where you are managing a piece of software or group of software products within a company. You could also be managing a team, such as a team of developers or even a team of business analysts, if you’re in a larger company with distributed resources.

In summary, you have a few options for your career. I’ve listed some of the most common ones here – project manager, senior business analyst, solution architect and team leader. There are many others out there, and it just depends on your skills and preferences and how they line up.

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