What is Email Marketing? A Quick Guide to Getting it Right

What is email marketing?

E-mail marketing is a strategic …

Connect with customers
Exchange of useful information with them
Deepen relations and push sales
Raise your customers through a valuable customer journey
But you’ll only see these results by sending random e-mails here, regardless of how well read, write, or read.
That’s because email is just one part of your marketing plan. While it does a lot of heavy loads to share, acquire, and retain email, it can not do it alone.

So how do you integrate email with everything else you do to get great results like this?

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Why do Email Marketing

Companies turn to e-mail marketing because they always lead to profit and growth. But here is the thing …
Profit and growth should not be your goal.
Listen … Profit and growth are clearly central to the success of any employer, entrepreneur or marketer. But when it comes to e-mail, the focus on profit and growth first creates a complete “horse cart”.
Your real goal with e-mail should be to help customers move from one phase of a customer value trip (CVJ) to the next stage. If this is your primary focus, profit and growth will follow naturally.

If you are marketing by e-mail in the right way, you can help your chances along this collective path.
But before you start sending your email list arbitrarily, remember … you can not just market emails and expect success. There are rules, expectations and processes you need to know.

The Rules of Email Marketing

In email marketing is to obtain permission before sending anyone.
That’s why it’s very important to work with a famous email service provider. Today’s best service providers provide templates, tracking and automation and are optimized for mobile devices, all of which require successful e-mail marketing.
You can not only suite email marketing and expect it to succeed.
If you are struggling to choose the best email service provider, start here:

Campaign Monitor
Mel Chemp
Continuous connection

Each will give you the tools to create e-mail marketing campaigns based on permission that complies with email regulations (possibly the CAN-SPAM and GDPR Act).

Is to be fully transparent to participants about what they are doing.
Let participants know what they can expect from you (the frequency and types of emails you send). Be honest in your words!

Is to be relevant and to show participants the things that matter to them.
You want to train your subscribers to open your messages and deal with them – this will only happen if you always send useful and relevant information.
Tip: The best way to measure this link is to monitor your open rates, click and unsubscribe regularly, as well as direct responses to your emails.
Is to divide your list, and in this way the correct e-mail messages will move to the right subscribers.
This will increase engagement and reduce complaints and be a good source of data that you can use.
Now, let’s talk about how these things work together to give you great results from email marketing.

How to do Email Marketing—Setting Up Your Strategy

The good email strategy starts with the specific results you want to achieve …
Email marketing is about sharing with people, building trust, and sharing information that deepens your relationship with them.
But this process begins before it is ideally shared as a valuable offer for permission to be e-mailed.
We call this initial presentation to Lead Magnet, because it attracts people who are likely to be interested in a product and service.
What makes a good lead magnet? Good lead magnet is short and easy to digest and provides instant value.
Think about where:

Educational videos

But once you have subscribers, you should actually email them. You want to make sure you’re carrying this value in your subscription. But like any kind of digital marketing, you have to have a strategy (good).
The good email strategy starts with the specific results you want to achieve – brand awareness, customer generation and sales (remember, profit should not be your primary goal).
Like any tool, in order to use it properly, you need to determine what your success measure is. To do this, you need to determine what your goals are.
Then, to achieve these goals, you will use a set of three different types of emails:

  1. Transactional emails: which provide customer service (These are your invoices, electronic receipts, log-in credentials, billing notifications, etc.)
  2. Relational emails: which engage subscribers and nurture relationships with them (These are typically your content emails, but can really be anything that isn’t trying to drive a sale)
  3. Promotional emails: which are used to drive sales

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