Scissors make a pair: Hemostatic Forceps

During a medical procedure, the surgeon has several surgical forceps at his disposal. They are differentiated by the size of the tissue they operate on and their functions (stitches, dissection, tissue repair, etc.)

Their size, their shape of Faure Hemostatic Forceps Curved 20.5 cm), the extent of the grooving of their jaws and the presence of claws influence a more or less strong grip.

Among them, the hemostatic forceps is the most used because it facilitates the work of the healthcare professional thanks to its scissor-forceps shape.

The latter makes it possible not to crush the skin tissues during the surgical manipulation.It is used to carry out hemostasis by clamping blood vessels; it’s rounded and flat end allows the tissues to be left intact. The sides of the rings provide good grip for the fingers and limit the risk of pinching. It is equipped with a locking system to keep it closed when needed. The ideal tool for medical procedures, the hemostatic care forceps allow you to handle the compresses without cutting them, and to place them on a treated wound without directly touching the skin of your patients.

Péan’s forceps are also called hemostats. This is the system that keeps blood inside the vessels and stops bleeding when a vessel is injured. One of the times of hemostasis is blood clotting. When obtaining your medical clamp, it is recommended that you clean, disinfect and sterilize it before its first use. This operation must be repeated before and after each use.

You should regularly check your care clamp, if signs of wear appear (deformation, damage, porous or corroded material) it should be removed. For sterilization, it is advisable to use an autoclave. The temperature must be 134 ° C, the pressure at 2 bars and this for 18 minutes. Then the sterilized products must be allowed to cool. Before using an autoclave, refer to the manufacturer’s regulatory instructions for use.

The hemostatic forceps from the Jimy Medical brand are designed for a good grip. It is made for use in the hospital or at home. This medical plier has wide and flared foam jaws to clamp the tissues without damaging them. Usually the surgeon uses it for treatment, but nurses have a model in their bandage kit.

You now know more about medical tweezers! Jimy Medical hope this article will have you more. Do not hesitate to consult our range of forceps on our website. For more details, please visit:


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