Progress with Hair Transplantation

A standard hair transplantation procedure involves removing donor strip from the back of the head from which the follicular unit grafts are dissected under a microscope. These grafts are then preserved in saline and are then transplanted to a bald spot on the crown of the scalp.

Given the time-consuming and time-consuming nature of this procedure, a FUE Hair Transplant in Lahore surgeon is often only capable of transplanting around 500 to 600 follicular unit grafts per day. Thanks to recent developments in the field of hair transplantation, however, this technique is often replaced by the follicle unit extraction (FUE). The cost per transplant of FUE is typically twice the cost of the standard follicular unit hair transplant procedure described above, but this is relatively faster and minimally invasive.

Some Hair Transplants are Progressing

In a typical FUE procedure, a small round stump is made in the donor area to directly extract 1, 2, 3 and 4 hair follicular unit grafts. The follicular units extracted with the help of this process are commonly referred to as “blunt dissection,” wherein an impact is made to enclose the entire follicular unit that separates it from the surrounding soft tissues.

Once the underlying follicular unit is separated from the surrounding tissues, it is easily extracted with a small pair of pliers. The small holes left after follicular unit extraction gradually heal over the next few days and are not visible to the naked eye as the patient’s hair grows. The recovery time is much less than the extraction procedure of the donor trip.

Although the FUE procedure has been approved by most hair transplant clinics, the standard strip-cut method is still the most popular hair transplant procedure because it is cheaper than the FUE.

In addition, due to some recent developments in hair transplants such as the use of trichophytic closure technique, the linear donor scar created by the strip excision procedure now often becomes almost undetectable to the naked eye. This progress in hair transplantation technology has made the FUE procedure relatively less attractive.

Hair Transplant Study

In addition to the progress of the hair transplantation in the transplantation procedures, there is also a lot of research going on to clone the hair. If the hair transplant study is successful, it is possible to make several copies of donor hairs in the laboratory. The application of this technique would be used in the form of a hair transplant. In traditional procedures, the biggest limitation is often the donor who is unable to meet the required density. However, cloning hair promises to overcome this problem by growing the amount of hair that needs to be grown in a laboratory from a single donor hair and then implanting it into the scalp.

Research Clone

Hair transplantation research for clones is very difficult and there are many obstacles that must be overcome with regard to the safety and cosmetic properties of the cloned hair. Some hair transplant studies have also led to a breakthrough for some hair loss drugs.

There are different types of Hair Transplant in Lahore surgery available at different hair transplant centers. If you have been thinking about your options for some time and have come to the conclusion that hair transplantation is for you, take the next step.

Visit a reputable center for hair transplantation or search for one on the internet and read more about hair transplantation. The results can be life-transforming.

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