Gas Safety Inspections

Annual Checks

It is important that all gas appliances are checked annually for safety and suitability for continued use. This must be carried out by a gas-safe registered engineer. This applies whether you are a private homeowner or a respected landlord. At IES our fully qualified and experienced engineers give you complete peace of mind. We are fully flexible and work around our customers to meet their needs. The EICR and Gas Safety Check is performed on all devices that supply gas.

Fully Qualified

To ensure that the appliance is set up correctly to ensure that all fire pressures are working properly, the appliance is positioned correctly and has adequate ventilation, all pipes are tight and safe and no pressure loss that can lead to leaks, all flue pipes and chimneys work correctly and have no clogs, where necessary we can perform analyzes on the combustion exhaust gases to ensure that the appliance burns as it should and of course that all relevant safety devices work as they should.
An unsafe gas appliance can lead to carbon monoxide leaks, a toxic gas that can have fatal consequences. The regulations for CO detectors have recently been changed and are correctly placed in the vicinity of the device at a maximum distance of 3 meters from the device, they can be mounted celling or mounted on the wall, depending on the layout of the room and relevant openings at the top of the windows to the celling’s, the device itself can run on batteries, but the battery should not be removable and should last the life of the devices.

EICR and Gas Safety Check
In certain cases, the devices must be interconnected, for example, when a device can be placed in an attic space, a CO detector is mounted in the attic near the boiler and another alarm is placed on the landing to ensure that if there is is a leak, both detectors make the person in possession of the danger heard. If your home does not have the relevant alarms at the right locations, our technicians will advise you on site and the report will be marked accordingly to alert you about this.

We can also offer a gas appliance service where all of the aforementioned safety checks are performed, but the appliance is also stripped and thoroughly cleaned according to your manufacturer’s instructions. If you have a new boiler, this is also relevant because most new boilers come with a warranty, the device is not covered by the warranty unless you perform an annual maintenance and the boiler logbook is completed.
After we have conducted one of the aforementioned safety inspections, we will prepare a report that can be saved for official use. If further work is required, these are detailed in the report and can be performed by the person responsible for the property.
For questions about gas safety controls, the boiler CO detector will contact a member of our friendly team to help you meet your needs.
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