Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as Hair restoration surgery


To help get a cure, some physicians have started plasma (PRP) rich in platelet hire. PRP has been used for many years to improve wound remedies. PRP is prepared by taking a small amount of the patient’s blood; then, using a centrifuge, is turned down to form a series of concentrated platelets. The platelet layer can be removed, and the platelets can then be injected into the donor wound area. There are many factors in the PRP which can help healing, platelet growth factor, interleukin-8, insulin growth factor, beta growth factor growth, vascular endothelial growth factor, epidermal growth factor, and fibroblast growth factor. It would seem reasonable to consider using this as a medical effort to facilitate the strip.

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Recently, some physicians have started using ashlar matrix material (ECM), to try to improve wound healing. Over the past few years, ECM has been used in orthopedic surgeries, wound medicine, and gynecological and tentative procedures. He drew the attention of hair restoration surgeons, and some of them are investigating the use of this material. ECM acts as a source of proteins, proteins and various cellular factors. These components may be the source of cell regeneration. The most commonly used ECM in hair restoration is derived from pig bladder. It is unique in that there is a basement film there. Like PRP, there are bioactive factors in ECM. These include vascular endothelial growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, epidermal growth factor, changing growth factor, keratin growth factor, bone morphine protein, growth factor such as insulin, hepatic growth factor, and platelet growth factor. There are also different types of collagen as well as elastin, laminin, and fibronectin in ECM. An important property of ECM is that it does not get an immune reaction, and some physicians are using ECM in closing a strip incision to help heal.

Due to the concern about linear donor scar has come and accept the follicular / follicular isolation technique (FUE / FIT). With this method, FUs is removed with a small punch, usually diameter 0.8–1 mm. The elimination of the FUs creates accurate scars. These scars are often too frequent and are larger than the original size. The author hypothesised that the normal contractual forces serving a winding up are generally lost when many FUs are removed in an area. The ideal result would allow a patient to give his or her head without any evidence of the win and avoid the “buckhot” appearance. Some solutions are proposed and tested. The author has developed a suction system to try and improve these wounds. Some physicians have started using PRP with ECM or without ECM that have been installed in the wound in an effort to get an improved medicine.

Using ECM experience in strip scars, some ECM physicians have tried to insert wounds created by FUE / FIT to try to cure the scars and possibly grow hair in these wounds. A report on has been inserted into FUE wounds and subsequently healed with the rejuvenation of some hairs. Cooley has noticed that ECM appears to be working to grow hairs unless damage is caused to the surrounding hairs in the area to some extent. This would suggest that the appropriate damage to the peripheral hairs provides the necessary signs to stimulate hair growth in the “spoiled” area and push the stem cells to initiate hair formation. Could this be a way of partially replenishing hairs in the removed donor area?

A new way to improve the donor scars from strip or from FUE / FIT is to use scalp micro pigmentation. Basically tattoo the skin this procedure. Small amounts of pigment deposited at external depths can give the understanding of hair when it is done appropriately. This technique was also used in the recipient’s area when donor hair is not available to create the appearance of density or is covered in the cover. The technique is made using local anesthesia. When treated with the full scalp, the time for such a procedure could be more than 6 hours.

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