Food packing boxes
Food packing boxes

9 Appearance of Food Packaging Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

Food packaging is a very competitive and dynamic industry, always looking for new trends and innovations to make life easier for consumers. Here are some of the main trends in food packaging boxes that are visible today.

1. Minimal designs

One of the biggest trends in packaging design is minimalism. The rise of a minimal design language is present in almost every corner of our lives – from book covers to road signs to food packaging. The packaging industry has stopped using flamboyant fonts and overly congested designs, full of product information.

Minimalism is here to stay because of its simple nature. This design trend can be seen in almost any modern food packaging – from snack bars to ketchup bottles to even paper wrappers for restaurant takeaways. Keeping the design simple not only gives the package a clean appearance and reduces costs. It has also become easier to find information about packaging through the removal of all the frills.

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Food Packaging Boxes
Food Packaging Boxes

2. Use of bright colors

Now that the minimalist design is in place, we are using bold flat colors more than ever. The use of gradients has been quite dormant or very subtle in food packaging. The use of vivid and vibrant colors has recently made a splash in many food packaging. Not only do they allow the packaging to stand out on the shelves, but bright colors often complement the presentation. The color palette also commercializes the nature of the product.

Thus, the protein bar packages will have richer hues, thus revealing its more energetic and dynamic nature. The packaging of peppermint tea will have softer shades.

3. Pass brand-specific colors

The colors have largely contributed to the construction of the identity of the brand. When we say McDonald’s, we imagine the colors yellow and red. The big brands had a significant impact on their choice of colors.

4. Cleaner labeling

Another impact of the insignificant plan is cleaner labeling. People are now more aware of what they have. However, read the fine print on the back of the package to find out what the product contains can be difficult. Many companies, especially those concerned about their health, place the list of ingredients directly on the front – a location usually reserved for the brand logo, the product name and the image.

5. Customization

Food Packaging Boxes
Food Packaging Boxes

Personalization has been a crucial part of food packaging. At the instigation of HP and Coca-Cola, we saw how soda bottles were accompanied by custom labels. Coca-Cola has also opened its online store to accept personalized gift orders and has seen a sharp increase in sales. They also made plastic bottles containing more than a thousand first and last names. The campaign has been a huge success in the United States, and even in parts of Europe and Asia.

Currently, other brands are also considering customizing food packaging. With the increase in production speeds, customization of packaging has become a reality. Small businesses manually personalize their packaging for their customers. The use of personalized bags, boxes or even gift tags is also widespread in many places.

6. Dimensions added to the package

Recently, food packaging has also become much more dynamic and demonstrates the creativity of the brand. Our food no longer comes only in rectangular boxes or cylindrical pots. Competition is strong in this sector, brands are now striving to choose packaging that stand out on the shelves. Convenience is also a parameter they take into account when they are creative in designing their boxes.

7. Sustainability

In recent years, food packaging has become much more environmentally friendly. The pressure for eco-friendliness has forced brands to abandon single-use plastics and provide biodegradable, recyclable or reusable packaging. We now see more than ever the use of paper packaging. Plastic trays are now replaced by paper trays. There is also much research on edible food packaging, where the package itself can be consumed as part of the food. Several start-ups have also started making single-use packaging and cutlery from herbal materials.

Food Packaging Boxes
Food Packaging Boxes

8. Incorporate technology into packaging

Smart packaging has been around for a few years now. Technology can now be integrated directly into the packaging to provide consumers with more convenience and information, thanks to the low cost of sensors and computer hardware as well as easily available software.

Many food packages come with built-in NFC chips or printed QR codes that can be scanned with a smartphone to provide more product information.

Time and temperature sensors are integrated into beverage, food and pharmaceutical packaging to ensure that consumers receive the product while it is still fresh. It also allows you to sell food and other perishable goods.Online, like camel milk by Desert Farms. It can always be said that trends in health food packaging are broadly integrating technology.

9. Packaging for increased portability

With the increase in the number of take-out restaurants, the brands have also made considerable efforts to make inexpensive portable food packaging that allows consumers to have food to take away. McDonald’s, for example, has a lot of consumers riding a bike. To facilitate delivery on two-wheeled vehicles, the new McBike package allows you to take a burger, a fried dish and a drink in a foldable case that can be hung on the handlebars. In addition, everything is paper.

In a nutshell, we can say that emerging trends in the packaging industry are strongly influenced by convenience and visual appeal. Of course, technology changes the game for convenience. The big brands are also investing in sustainable packaging, a trend to be followed by the next generation.

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