4 tips to dress properly in new kurta design for Eid

The Eid is about to arrive and, if you’re willing to make the most, need a background suitable wardrobe with new kurta design for the occasion , as well as some clothes that enhance your look in the most special days. Therefore, in krosskulture’s’s store, as experts in low cost women’s clothing, they will show you some tips that will be very helpful.

From Eid day one to day three you will have the opportunity to go out on numerous occasions. Whether you are going to enjoy the processions, accompanying a friend or family member or simply have a plan in sight, you will need a wide variety of ‘looks’, something the low cost women’s fashion can be essential for.


Regardless of how you take it, during Holy Week you will live a very special days, perfect to show off in its maximum splendor the richness of your wardrobe. However, we recommend you pay attention to the following tips from our low cost women’s clothing store. You’ll get a lot out of them!

  1. The days are very long. Be cautious!

On this occasion, Holy Week coincides practically with the summer, where, as usual, the weather will be hot. Therefore, do not trust yourself if, when you open the window, you discover a radiant sun. Go prepared for everything, because the days will be very long and the weather can change suddenly.

  1. Comfort is important

Generally, you will spend a lot of time on the street during these days. If you are going to see processions, more still. Therefore, although you give an important priority to your image, always try to be comfortable, which is of course, more than compatible, as you will see with our low cost online clothing. For this purpose, try not to abuse the height and finesse of your heels. Of course, they will stylize your figure, but try to make it sustainable to keep them without much pain, with which you can shine in a very comfortable way.

  1. Make your ‘look’ more flexible

You have many days ahead, so have resources for all the days. Your ‘look’ should never be predictable! Combine all the possibilities. Beyond the dresses, combine the ‘outfit’ of pants and jacket, with shirts, frocks, shirts and top and give an opportunity to the lose trousers. Nowadays, women’s fashion will give you a lot of freedom. Seize it!

  1. The color of the dresses

Although not every day you will wear them, the dresses will always be a star garment and ideal for the most festive days, such as Palm Sunday, where you will have the opportunity to bet on the most daring colors and designs, the most typical of spring. On the other hand, on days such as Thursday and Good Friday, the best thing to do is to opt for simplicity and more discreet colors, such as purple, black or gray.

If you follow our advice we assure you that you will be radiant throughout the Holy Week. In krosskulture store you will find innumerable options of low cost women’s clothing, which will make you feel great during these dates. Bet on them by checking here!

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