Why it’s important to digitally transform your business

The “digital transformation” is not just a buzzword. It’s a central concept for a practical model, and I hope that when you’re done, you’ll know why it should be a basic concept for your own business.The digital transformation is essentially about turning your entire business from an obsolete platform into a new, promising and digitally efficient model. It involves many different things, but let’s see how it works for sales and marketing.

The digital transformation agency dubai UAE can often bring the sales and marketing of the physical world of phone calls, pamphlets and emails to the Internet. These old “analog” techniques are still valid, but over time they become much less effective. Why this? E-commerce technologies have reached a point where they announce the announcement of physical water.However, people are buying more than ever, but where are they? They buy online instead of entering the store. Have you ever heard of bragging about yourself? This is a term that retailers use for people who go to a store to gain experience with a physical product and then search for the best prices online. In particular, the “best buy” has made that a lot, it has made this part of their business model, hoping to pay people to buy the product in the store via the “best buy” website.

What happens if you operate a service business rather than a retail business? You are always in trouble, customers do not let their fingers go through the yellow pages. Instead, they turn to Yelp and Angie Scream, and sites like this have a huge advantage over the old advertising methods: they can not only display more information, but they also provide social proof. Customer feedback.Customer feedback is the main strength of reputation in the online world. We used to call this advertising by word of mouth, but sites such as Yelp allow one person to talk about the entire market (at least those who visit Yelp, 132 million monthly visitors in the first quarter of 2014, depending on the site) and the color perception that others have for you Worse. We would like to call this advertisement “digital mouth”.

Basic online presence is not enough

You may think that your Curve website and some social media participants are advanced. Is not that enough? Unfortunately, it is said that few commercial sites do not have much more information than the standard Yelp page. Social media is treated more like a table than as a platform for interacting with customers. Worst of all, if a visitor wants to convert, you should go back to things like a phone or a basic email to contact you. This violates one of my four pillars of digital transformation, digital connectivity.The mobile website has made conversion of visitors very easy. Web sites should not be called websites. Instead, I call them “customer acquisition drives”.

The main change is that your online presence needs to move from a purely marketing point of view to sales and marketing. In addition, customer data must be tracked over time to establish an ongoing relationship with an individual visitor, which encourages them to convert again and again until they become repeat customers.Impossible what do you say? I assure you that it is very possible with the current technology. You have probably already seen some tactics. If you use Facebook and do not mind advertising, try to visit some commercial websites or talk about it several times. Note the ads you receive in the sidebar. Most of the time, you start looking at ads related to what you saw or talked about.In fact, once you visit a site, companies can now immediately obtain marketing data about you. Techniques such as tracked pixels can track an individual visitor as they come and go from a site. This allows you to send ads on your business to other places. When they return, they can read this information and allow the visitor to pick up where they left off in the sales cycle.

Digital transformation is vital now

With lower retail sales, a growing number of people shopping online, and new sales and marketing tactics destroying competition via the digital space, old business models can no longer compete for long. However, if this article has caused panic in you, do not worry, because knowledge is power. Start today and start changing now before your competitors convert! Most companies in the new era have invested heavily in the implementation of most basic management systems. This is one of the reasons why the ecosystem of technology providers allows us to listen to mobile devices, analytics, social media and the cloud most of the time for digital transformation, which is a contemporary expression. In fact, it is up to the administrator and other members of the management team to know what will be the right start for their digital transformation programs and what their life will be like in their business. In other words, a business may be ready to scan even if it does not talk about social media, analytics, and mobility, even though a relatively new company (like a new business) can still talk about investing in DT, even if she does not use her systems. Large companies, for example, the ERP system. As we said, the key to remembering how to get the most out of a digital transformation program is knowing how and if a company’s digital investments bring you closer to the customer and celebrate the difference in lifestyle. , commercial or business collaboration.

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