The Ultimate Website Reshape SEO Checklist

This week I was called with a small business owner who is launching a website redesign in WordPress. He asked me how best we can preserve existing SEO and ensure that he does not lose any search rankings in the transfer.

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Immediately I replied that this was a great issue. We then talked about common mistakes that occur and how we can prevent them since this website redesign project.This is the scary part of this conversation: this is rarely asked until the website is redesigned and launched and the damage done. I only receive an inquiry on the website or Facebook post for assistance.

Sadly, that way is too late in the process to protect your SEO, your ranking in the search, and your website traffic. By the time you become familiar with classification and traffic, damage is done and it is very difficult to achieve it completely.As this is an important and often overlooked matter, I thought I would write about it and create a redesigned template for a redesigned SEO website that can be downloaded and used by website owners and developers.


My Website Redesign SEO Checklist

The best SEO checklist will plan and execute a subject merger with technical features such as code and schema. You cannot have a solid SEO without combining traditional content marketing with a strong process and a very strong code.You’ll find my list below that combines multiple features before and after the live route to ensure that the website has a complete review by website owners and that they have made sure that the current SEO survive the move.

  • Establishment of Starter Websites
  • Set up a website with no index to follow
  • Search engine friendly URLs are in place
  • Subject Planning
  • Use Dyno Mapper to disseminate the existing website to get a full URL list
  • Review Google Search Console or SEMrush to document a list of the best landing pages
  • Enter targeted keywords on URLs and create an SEO site map
  • Review material materials and validate parent / child relationships

Content Creation

  • Write at least 1,000 words of updated content
  • New content proofreading for spelling and grammar errors
  • Storage of new materials for legibility (ie. Small items, subheadings, bullets)
  • Review the material to use appropriate meta-title and usage
  • Double pages are best for applying high quality content and validation

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Senior Technical Review

Review the use of headers to ensure that there is an appropriate outline structure for search engines and human visitors.

Check the website across mobile devices to validate and work responsibly in coding

  • Validation template coding to W3 standards
  • Check the code ratio to text on live pages
  • Check and validate schema and structured data
  • Check the images for proper use of article text
  • Maximize images for loading times
  • Update internal links to meet the new URL structure
  • Create 301 redirects for any URL changes to the existing content
  • Create a new XML location map
  • Check the Robots.txt file and validate it
  • Go-Live Website
  • Remove without following, there is no index on the live site
  • Review Google Analytics targets to validate the URL structure and flow location
  • Upload the new XML site map to Google Search Console and Webmaster Web Bing Tools
  • Check Google Search Console for any errors and address as required
  • Use Dyno Mapper to broadcast the new website and to report errors

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About SEO Checklist

I hope that my redesigned SEO checklist on the website wasn’t afraid and you noticed that it was filled with standard items that almost any developer or website owner can execute. Many of these steps or a free SEO tool such as Google Search Console are done by a human person. I like free and I like face contact and I work with something as critical as SEO and website traffic.

How Website Design and Development goes badly

I have been working on internet marketing for about fifteen years and have a website design agency for almost eight years. In that time I saw a lot of good, bad, and really ugly when it came to process for SEO and website development.In most cases, the process does not fail because someone is lazy or malicious. The process fails due to lack of education and lack of communication.

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