Although synthetic wigs require less care than their virgin human hair counterparts, they still require some care to ensure the longest possible lifespan. Although synthetic wigs look perfect as soon as you take them out of the box, it will take some effort on your part to keep them that way. If you have no hair or have thin hair line than don’t worry because we have brought Natural Hair Wigs in Lahore.


When you take the wig out of the box for the first time, shake it off. Do not brush it. Let it hang for a while before you wear it. Each time you remove the device from the head, shake it off and let it hang until you need it again. Do not fold it in the box.

The wig lasts longer if you have a mannequin head that wears it. If you do not, you can use hooks and hangars with pens or invest in a special wig stand. As long as the hair hangs, it stays nice.


Synthetic wigs need to be washed every ten to twelve applications. Before you let it run underwater, untang it gently with your fingers. Always wash your synthetic wig in cold water. Apply special wig shampoo. To avoid frizz, you can add some softener to the water. Let the wig work for five minutes and rinse thoroughly. Pat the wig dry. Never wring it out. Let it air dry while you hang it up.


If you want your cheap wig to look as beautiful as natural hair, you should be careful when brushing. Buy a special synthetic wig brush or one with wild boar bristles. Start brushing from below and walk carefully to the roots. Make sure the wig is completely dry before brushing. Do not use hair gel for your synthetic wig. Water-soluble hairsprays are permitted.


If you do not remove your wig at bedtime, you reduce your life expectancy by half. All your efforts to make it look brand new will be in vain if you decide to sleep on the wig. It can be crumpled and frizzy. No matter how tired you are, remove the wig and hang it up. Even drag queen wigs can be ruined if you sleep on it.


Unless you have a heat resistant wig, you must protect it from heat and open flame. Synthetic wigs may melt and curl when they touch a heated surface. Be careful when cooking. Boiling water will ruin your hair just as fast as an open fire. Even the best wigs are helpless against heat.


If you want your synthetic wig to last as long as possible, you should buy special wig care tools. The use of a special wig cap for example, increases the comfort and reduces the washing frequency. Consider styling the wig on a wig stand instead of on your head. That way, you can tell if you did something wrong. Buy special wig brushes and combs to simplify your styling.

If you have no hair or have thin hair line than don’t worry because we have brought Natural Hair Wigs in Lahore.

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