Deosai A wilderness Apart

In the words of Aleister Crowley: “Before us lay the Deosai, an absolutely treeless wilderness of relatively flat land, framed by small peaks. It gives a unique impression of desolation. I have never seen it in this regard before. Nevertheless, the march was very pleasant with many flowers and streams. “And in the words of Gypsy Davy:” It was a vastness of immensity, as I imagined. It seems that in a place like this you can not speak boldly”.

Deosai is a place with a magic of its own. Nature is the most imaginative and extravagant here. The Deosai Plateau covers an area of ​​almost 3,000 square kilometers and is at an altitude of over 4,000 meters. Hitch A Hike provide Best and cheap Tour Packages In Lahore. Book your trip with us or Customized your trip. The Deosai is surprisingly rich in plants and animals that are frozen in the short spring and summer months under a deep blanket of snow. Gently rolling hills and meadows protrude into the distance, as far as the eye can see, covered with colorful flowers whose scales are greatest in the Karakorams and Western Himalyas. Surrounded by snow-covered peaks, the Deosai has ultra clean air that plays a trick on the eyes. In the breadth of the horizon, in the vastness of the open space and in the typical clarity of light and color for high altitudes, an unmistakable feeling of elevation can be felt.

The spectacular plateau of the Deosai can be visited as a full-day excursion from Skardu by jeep. A jeep route crosses the Deosai between Skardu and the Astore Valley (Skardu-Astore 130 km) and leads down to the KKH at Bunji. Continue west over the Deosai Plateau and cross large clear streams over bridges. As it leaves Deosai, it circles the north shore of the deep blue Sheosar Lake. The lake is embedded in the pass and offers a sublime backdrop.

Deosai means “The Land of the Giants” in the local Balti dialect and it’s not hard to see how a landscape on such a large scale could have inspired stories of giants.

Hitch A Hike provide Best and cheap Tour Packages In Lahore. Book your trip with us or Customized your trip.


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