Chemicals Supplies Directory

Chemicals Supplies Directory — advertising chemicals online

Chemicals Supplies Directory — advertising chemicals online

This paper discusses the development and implementation of Chemicals Supplies Directory an online advertising service for the chemical industry.

One of the major problems in the chemical market is the identification of viable suppliers for products in a rapidly expanding market with large numbers of products Chemicals Supplies Directory.

Chemicals Supplies Directory

Each with many different potential applications. Chemicals Supplies Directory has been designed by chemical industry personnel to be used by people with little data processing training; there are no complex search languages and procedures. Data input and output are facilitated by using a simple datasheet format to define each product.

Information providers supply and modify product information online. Uniform transaction pricing has been adopted to follow industry control procedures. The service is the forerunner of other online business applications in the chemical industry.

World Chemicals Supplies Directory. Find information on Chemical Buy Leads India, UAE, the Middle East Africa, Europe and North America.

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