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Are You Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard?

How to brush your teeth


If you have sensitive teeth, brushing too hard or the wrong toothbrush can deteriorate the symptoms to make it worse. Learn the right technique to brush your teeth.

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In brushing teeth, such a thing is a proper technique. Brushing too hard – or using the wrong toothbrush – can cause damage to your teeth and chewing, leading to problems such as enamel wear and cleaning gums, which can lead to dental sensitivity. There, says the dentist and the consumer adviser. “People usually get great sweeping, thinking that the only way they can get their teeth to feel clean and look sharp,” says Dr. “That’s not very productive, not only does it downturn your gums, but you are missing the white enamel, glossy on your teeth, making them yellow and darker.” And when that happens, putting yourself at risk of getting sensitive teeth.

Not sure whether you’re sweeping too hard? Look at your toothbrush. If you have been using it for three months or less, it should still be relatively new. “If it looks up and flat, that is a sign that you are sweeping too hard”.

The Proper Way to Brush Your Teeth

It requires a lot of vigilance, but you can change your hard ways, says Dr. Follow these tips to brush properly to help reduce dental sensitivity and prevent damage to teeth and gums:

Use soft-bristled brushes. Choose one with the seal and replace it every three months – or earlier if it arrives.

Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle with your gum. In this way, the bristles can remove and clean under your gumline, says.

Move the brush back smoothly. Use short strokes around the teeth to clean the outer, inner and chewing surfaces of the teeth, which recommends them. (If you have enough chewing recession, your dentist may suggest you try the roll technique instead, he says.) If you are using an electric toothbrush, let him do all the work and do it. Lightly hampered over your teeth rather than pushing them. To ensure that you are using a gentle grip, try to keep your toothbrush in your nondominant hand.

The Dentists recommend that you sweep for two full minutes – 30 seconds in each quarter of your mouth – twice a day. Use the timer on your phone or select an electric toothbrush that alarms you every 30 seconds. “For people who have never tried it, it can be like eternity. You don’t really know how two minutes feel until you really brush that length, “says Dr. But when you are not ready to finish, it will keep you more conscious of brushing too aggressively.

Sticking to these tips can help you keep your teeth clean and healthy, and remove signs of dental sensitivity.

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